5 Boating Vacations You Should Consider

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Boating trips are one of the most unforgettable vacation experiences you can have in your life, especially if you sail in a luxury yacht. The glistening open seas, wonderful sea breezes, and the freedom are hard to beat! Regardless of the type of vessel you will use for your boating trip, stopping at beautiful ports of call is the best part of the adventure.

Below, check out these boating vacations you should consider.

  1. Cruise around the Arctic

Sailing around the Arctic is a dream for many. With its towering snow-draped peaks and fantastic glaciers and fjords, this fairy-tale region will take you on a journey that you will never forget!

Your Arctic cruise will also include shore visits where you will have the opportunity to walk across the blooming tundra, hike up small mountains, with a chance encounter of polar bears and other wildlife. The best time to go cruising in the Arctic is during the summer months when the ice starts to melt, allowing ships to pass and the midnight sun magically bathes these northern lands.

  1. Yachting Across Croatia

Croatia is one of the world’s best sailing destinations due to many reasons. The islands are closer to each other, so you don’t have to travel long distances when visiting one island to another. This makes Croatian boat hire recommended over buying a yacht or catamaran. Moreover, the winds are generally calmer, and the islands offer many interesting sights for you to explore. 

As you explore the Dalmatian Coast, you will come across Croatia’s most beautiful islands. Stop at the beautiful coves, wander through the ancient towns, and swim in the warm waters of the Adriatic Sea!

  1. River Cruise in the Amazon

If you are into nature and wildlife, then river cruising the Amazon is an ideal boating vacation for you. As you navigate the more than 500 miles of Amazon River onboard a luxury ship, you’ll witness an amazing variety of flora and fauna. You will also have the opportunity to explore the mysterious Amazon River Basins, the planet’s largest rainforest ecosystem. As you navigate the enthralling world of verdant tropical rain forests and waterways, you’ll also learn more about the local villagers and their relationship with the environment.

  1. Narrowboating Down the UK 

Narrowboating down the UK offers a truly unique experience of discovering the country’s most scenic waterways. The UK’s network of canals features more than 3,000 miles of historic waterways steeped in more than a hundred years of history. Going for a canal boat holiday is the best way to explore the stunning countryside, including its charming waterside villages and historic cities, from the comfort of your floating home. Boats can be bought used or new in narrowboat sales, if you want to save some money for the journey. This boating vacation is ideal for families with kids, as well as groups of friends. 

  1. Island Hop the Greek Islands by Ferry

Home to more than 200 different islands, Greece is a popular destination for a fun island-hopping adventure. Nothing beats sitting at the deck of a ferry under the sunshine with a cocktail drink on hand and looking forward to exploring the next island. 

When island hopping in Greece, you must plan your trip well. Schedule your visit during the Orthodox Easter, between April and May. During this time, the ferry services are up and running, and the temperatures are balmy. Best of all, the crowds are thinner. Depending on the islands you wish to visit, it’s good to check the calendar for the Greek summer festivals as this could affect the ferry schedules and the opening times of several attractions. 

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