Retire on a Sailboat – What could go wrong? Everything! Do it anyway.

Recently, when asked once again, “Do you recommend that I sell my house, quit my job, and move onto a boat?” I decided to delve deeper than my typical list...

de Frenchtown Bar, St. Thomas: A Sophisticated Rum Shop- Your New Local Hangout

de Frenchtown Bar, St. Thomas: A Sophisticated Rum Shop- Your New Local Hangout May 21, 2021 11:20 am Staff Writer Bars & Drinking, General Interest, Local Advice, VI...

Chelsea Glass Gets To The Heart Of Travel In Latin America, Changing People’s Lives...

What was meant to be a short Spanish immersion trip to Guatemala for Californian Chelsea Glass turned into a travel love story and a new career. Now she shows travelers the splendors of Latin...

People-Powered Profile: Jazmin Isabel- Journey for Beauty

What To Do VI’s People-Powered Profiles highlight local entrepreneurs and community members who are honing their skills, starting new businesses, and working hard to improve the community. Name: Jazmin Isabel Business:...

Travel to The Virgin Islands During Covid

*Please see current guidelines and recommendations at the USVI Travel Portal Website AT YOUR DEPARTING AIRPORT  1. You must wear a face mask. 2. The CDC recommends travelers to wash their hands directly...

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