How Long Are Danube River Cruises?

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Although there are hundreds of international cruise lines that offer excellent views, food, music, art, architecture, and more, very few cruise experiences match European river cruises. These rivers, including Danube, Douro, Moselle, Seine, Main, Rhone, and Rhine, flow across the continent, passing through some of the most stunning cities on Earth. Sailing across these rivers is the perfect opportunity to get to know the European region better, with the best of food, music, entertainment, and sights that it has to offer.

The Danube is one of the most famous European rivers when it comes to European river cruises. The river passes through some of the most iconic cities in Europe, including Munich, Prague, Vienna, Salzburg, Budapest, and Bucharest in Germany, the Czech Republic, Austria, Hungary, and Romania, respectively. Nothing matches the feeling of seeing these locations from afar aboard the cruise ships, and then up-close via walking tours of each city.

About Danube River

The Danube river is placed second on the list of the longest rivers in Europe and first on the list of rivers that run through the largest number of countries in the world. Originating in Germany, the river flows across Europe through ten countries, passing through a diverse range of European countries, including Austria, Germany, Bulgaria, Slovakia, Croatia, Hungary, Romania, Serbia, Bulgaria, Ukraine, and Moldova, before joining the Black Sea. 

Throughout its 2,850 kilometer-long course, the Danube River passes through or borders some of the most magical cities in Europe. It is the perfect river option to see some of the largest cities in Europe, including Budapest, Vienna, Bratislava, and Belgrade. While these locations have their individual historical identities, the Danube has a very rich history on its own. It has been one of the most important European trade routes and was a frontier of the ancient Roman Empire.

The Best Danube Cruise Options for 2022

For 2022, the Authentic Voyages lineup comprises three major cruise lines, including Scenic, Viking, and Uniworld Cruises. Each cruise line offers well-designed travel itineraries that have been purpose-made to deliver a rich cruise experience, complete with the best of food, culture, and entertainment that Europe has in store for all cruise-goers.

Scenic Cruises

Scenic Cruises offer a truly luxurious experience for guests who want to enjoy five-star amenities like spacious suites, delicious food, diverse entertainment options, and more. With decades of experience in curating stunning cruise experiences for guests from around the globe, the Scenic line is a great option for a fulfilling, luxurious Danube River cruise experience.

Viking Cruises

With over two decades of creating immersive European river cruise experiences, Viking Cruises offer some of the best itineraries in the world. These cruises offer stunning views of European locations, enhanced by hundreds of different options for food, music, entertainment, and opportunities to learn the rich history of cities that lie along the Danube River.

Uniworld Cruises

True to its ‘Boutique’ name, Uniworld offers a highly intimate cruise experience to guests who want to enjoy their journey in style. These victorian cruises have luxurious amenities that rival some of the top five-star hotels in the world, with the charges of all luxury services included in the total cost of the trip.

Danube River Cruise Timeline

These cruises range between one to ten days, with experiences tailored for day trips as well as week-long trips and more. Each cruise itinerary offers different locations and timelines for travel, offering guests a chance to engage in a rich cruise experience filled with the best of everything that Europe has to offer. The lengths of these cruise trips depend on different cruise routes and preferred destinations. Cruise trips that cover one to two cities are shorter than the ones that aim to cover multiple European cities. 

Depending on your preferences, you can choose between day trips and seven or ten-day cruise itineraries. Besides the various lengths of the cruise trips, you can also choose amongst different cruise lines, which offer different guest populations, ranging from hundreds in large cruise vessels to sub-hundred in boutique luxury cruise lines like Uniworld.

Book Your Cruise Today

As the world recovers from the ongoing global COVID-19 pandemic, more and more people are looking for ways to ease their minds and blow off steam. There is no better way to do so than booking a Danube river cruise that allows you to visit some of the best European destinations. Book your cruise now to indulge in one of the most luxurious cruise experiences in the world.

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