Leaf Bar and Lounge – NYC Rooftop Bar in Queens

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The Leaf Bar and Lounge is located on the 10th floor of the Hyatt Place Hotel in Queens. The decor of this rooftop bar looks almost industrial; from the striking and unique columns inside… to the simple tables, stools, and chairs that they provide for seating. But this simple style of decorating leaves room for the true star of the show: the Leaf Bar and Lounge features fantastic views of the surrounding buildings, which look even better at night.

This bar is specifically known for having a wide range of alcohol to choose from on its menu. They have their own craft cocktails, but also classic ones. And in addition to that they have: beers and seltzers, wines by the bottle and glass, Scotch and Japanese whiskey, and more. Despite being considered an upscale establishment, this bar and lounge actually have competitive prices. So you can expect to pay the usual $10-20 for a drink.

When is the Leaf Bar and Lounge open?

This bar is open five days a week all year round!

Where is the Leaf Bar and Lounge located?

The address of this rooftop bar is 39th Avenue in Queens, New York. You can get there by taking the 7 train to Main St.

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