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Chinatown in NYC is an iconic neighborhood and is known for many things. The neighborhood has a deep history and has had a great deal of influence on Lower Manhattan. Chinatown is also home to many restaurants, some have been there since the 1920s. Throughout time obviously, new restaurants will open up to cater to the newer generations.

One of those restaurants is Mission Chinese Food in NYC. It’s a trendy and hip spot which appeals to millenials and was started by a South Korean born chef, Danny Bowien, who was adopted by a family in Oklahoma. Some time in his life, he moved out to San Francisco and decided to learn Sichuanese cuisine. Once he “mastered” the cuisine, he went on to open the first Mission Chinese Food restaurant in San Francisco and eventually opening Mission Chinese Food in NYC.

Our Experience at Mission Chinese Food in NYC

We gave Mission Chinese Food in NYC a try for dinner and it was already pretty busy. From the atmosphere itself, we assume that the restaurant is geared towards millennials especially with the 90’s music and the always-changing hue in the lights. The ambience is also quite intimate since the serving floor has the lights dimmed down. It kind of has a vibe of a lounge which is gives it a nice little touch.

The restaurant serves Sichuanese style cuisine which is VERY different from your typical American Chinese food. This style of cuisine has very pungent flavors and heavily utilizes sichuan peppers giving the dishes a unique spice.

Mission Chinese Food in NYC menu

We tried out their Chongqing Chicken Wings which was very spicy but the dry rub they used was worth it. We also had their Dan Dan Ramen noodle dish which was loaded with flavor. Next on the table was their smashed cucumber which had yogurt and was topped with Sichuan oil which gave the dish a numbing effect on the tongue.

It’s a characteristic of the Sichuan peppers and the yogurt balanced the spiciness. To finish off the meal we ordered their salt cod fried rice which was absolutely delicious. Out of all the items we had, we liked the chicken wings and fried rice the most.

For more information on the restaurant please visit their website here.

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