Our Guide to Summer in New York

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There’s nothing quite like summer in New York City! Sunny days and warm summer nights make the city as vibrant as it gets. Should you be spending parts of your summer in New York, this guide will inform you about all you need to know: weather, activities, events, concerts, sports, and of course, our personal top things to do in New York this summer.

Don’t miss anything when you are in New York this summer

Summer in New York means it’s time to get outside! We promise that you will never find yourself bored at any point in New York City in the summer! Fun activities are available in abundance. Our favorite things to do in New York in the summer include scouting for the newest ice cream flavors, cooling off at New York’s beaches or spend the day having a BBQ in one of the city’s countless green spaces.

NYC summer events

Summertime celebrates one of the biggest holidays in the country: Independence Day on the 4th of July. In New York, you will find the largest fireworks and celebrations. It’s surely a special time to be visiting. Other spectacles you shouldn’t miss are Manhattanhenge and Restaurant Week. And don’t forget about Father’s Day in June!

These are some unmissable New York summer events that you can look forward to this summer:

Shows & summer concerts in NYC

Summer in New York invites you to a series of summer concerts and festivals. One of the best-known festivals in the city is the free Summerstage Festival, but there many more open-air concerts and even theater pieces taking place in the summer, like Shakespeare in the Park. When it comes to concerts, Pier 17 offers the most spectacular venue which hosts an extensive concert series with the most stunning backdrop: the Brooklyn Bridge. Not to forget the FREE summer movies you can watch throughout the city.

Sports in New York this summer

If you are a sports enthusiast spending the summer in New York City, don’t worry – you won’t fall short! Though there are no football games throughout the summer months, you can cheer on New York’s basketball, baseball, and soccer teams. Attending a sports game is a great way to see famous landmarks like Madison Square Garden, Yankee Stadium or Barclays Arena. Tickets can be as cheap as $10 for a seat in the far back. Here’s an overview of the sports in NYC this summer:

More fun things to do in New York in the summer

For more amazing things to do in New York in the summer, we recommend heading to the many outdoor markets. Smorgasborg Food Market and Queens Night Market are enjoying increasing popularity. Both are every foodie’s dream! The best thing you can do to find fun summer activities in New York is to head to the respective monthly articles for June, July, or August.

New York summer weather

New York in the summer is best described in one single word: hot. In the US, summer season unofficially starts with Memorial Day Weekend at the end of May. Heatwaves are not uncommon in the area and the city’s density tends to make it feel even hotter. That’s why we have compiled a handful of summer activities that are guaranteed to make even the hottest days enjoyable.

But how hot does it really get in New York? Here’s an overview of the average temperatures as well as sunshine and rain days to give you a general idea of the weather you should expect in NYC in the summer:

🌡 Temperature (day) 🌡 Temperature (night) ☀️ Sunshine (hours) 🌧 Rain (days)
June 75 °F 64 °F 6 10
July 86 °F 68 °F 6 10
August 82 °F 68 °F 11 5

Considering these temperatures, you may be wondering if summer is a good time to go to New York. The answer is simple: yes! For us, of course, New York is always worth a trip, but we actually have some great arguments as to why New York in the summer will be worth your trip, too! You’ll find them in our top things to do below.

Another question we are frequently asked is “what should I wear in New York in the summer?”. Taking into account that it gets really hot during the summer, you really should plan for light clothing. On a regular summer day, you don’t need more than shorts, a shirt, and a pair of sandals. In New York, you’re free to dress as you like.

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