PEOPLE Powered Profile: Karly Shenell of LaVajén Co.

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PEOPLE Powered Profile: Karly Shenell of LaVajén Co.


We are picking back up our PEOPLE Powered Profiles segment and covering local business owners and entrepreneurs who are making their mark and doing big things in the USVI (yes, even despite this global pandemic). The first in our batch is a young woman and resident of St. Thomas who has recently launched a new e-commerce business, La Vajén (yes it is exactly what you think it is, no need to be bashful here ladies and gentlemen).

La Vajén is all about feminine care and products, and Karly is taking charge and helping women with a usually hush hush topic and teaching people that that attitude belongs in ancient times. The products were developed and designed locally which makes it an even more support-worthy biz. The packaging stands up to major name brands and has us craving more products and merch to come. But we don’t need to convince you, just go check out their Instagram @LaVajén to check them out (also for a serious dose of girl power and one of the most beautifully well thought out feeds we have seen).


Karly Smiles is also a social media influencer (@karlysmiles) and has had multiple businesses in the past! We have chosen to interview this local entrepreneur because we see that she is always working towards new and innovative ideas and businesses and she is unrelenting in achieving her goals.

Interview with Karly Shenell

Q: Describe yourself in 5 words

A: Focused, fun, spontaneous, risk-taker, and Friendly

Q: If you could give younger-you a piece of personal and business advice, what would it be?

A: Business Advice: Ask a lot of questions and then some, share those ideas you have to business owners you know.

Personal Advice: Be vocal about what’s on your mind, always.


Q: What gets you out of bed in the morning?

A: Life. Knowing that there are endless opportunities out there keep me going. I always have ideas churning in my head and I love sharing them with people I believe can help me bring them to life!

Q: What are your top passions (hobbies, pastimes, field of work…):

A: Creating is my passion; social media content, blogging, taking pictures and so on, but I also enjoy cooking, reading, and going to the beach.

Q: What do you do for work? (plug yourself and or the associated charity or company):


A: I am a blogger and I just launched my very own natural feminine care products, La Vajen Co.

Q: What got you started?:

A: I was driven and motivated by the fact that a lot of the products targeted to women are actually quite harmful. I wanted to start using clean, organic/natural products for myself. So I decided to make my own, which turned out great and I knew what I was using on my body. Now, I want to share this with women all over.


Q: Where can we go to learn more: website, social, your CTA (if applicable), etc:Instagram/Facebook/Twitter

A: @lavajenco Website:

Q: Favorite Virgin Islands charity and or general cause (if already mentioned above, it can be a national charity or something else you are very passionate about)?

A: Catholic Charity


Q: Why do you love the VI?:

A: I love the VI because it’s such a beautiful place, it’s composed of everything I hold dear- family, friends… it’s home.

Q: What is your favorite beach?:

A: Magen’s Bay

Q: What do you do for fun:

A: I read, watch Netflix, and go to the beach and hang out with friends.

Q: What else!? List anything else you want us to know or would like to see on future People-Powered Profiles:

A: La Vajen Co., will also have merchandise for sale as well!

To learn more about Karly and buy her products click here:

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