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Tired of watching your favourite influencers play on a South Pacific beach… while you slave away in your corporate salt mine?

You’re not the only one. Recently, unreasonable demands on workers led to a period called The Great Resignation. Over 47 million employees in America alone voluntarily left their jobs in 2021.

But… why? In short, people realize they have a choice in where, when, and HOW they do their work.

Thanks to WiFi, 5G networks, and increasing broadband speeds, it’s now possible to do many jobs where there’s reliable internet access.

And with more employers offering remote positions, there’s no better time to start exploring your options.

But it’s easy to get paralyzed by the sea of options. So to help, we’ve highlighted three of the best digital nomad jobs in 2022.

Freelancing/Entrepreneurship vs. Remote Work – Which is Better? 

What do you value more: freedom or security?

Here’s the thing – those carefree digital nomads you see on Instagram or TikTok? More than likely, they run their own show.

As a business owner or a freelancer, you have more control over your schedule, the work you pursue, and where you do it.

As a remote worker, your employer dictates many of these things. So much for that three-hour cocktail lunch.

But it’s not all sunshine and rainbows for business owners, either. You have to handle your own taxes, learn how to market, deal with “boring” stuff like credit requirements and so on. Not fazed? Click here to learn more about it.

However, if all that admin stuff gives you anxiety, it’s okay to be a remote worker. You’ll have a predictable income, guidance from colleagues, and an HR department that handles those pesky W-2s.

So before you buy that plane ticket, get clear on what you want.  

Social Media Manager 

Humans are social creatures, even when they’re stuck behind a keyboard. According to recent statistics, more than 4.7 billion belong to a social network.

So if businesses aren’t interfacing with customers (or potential customers) online, they’re behind the eight ball. But typical business owners, even if tech-literate, don’t have time to engage people on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, TikTok, etc.

And this is where you come in. As a social media manager, you create and curate content, engage with users, and run paid advertising campaigns.

There aren’t enough qualified people to meet the demand. So even if you’re working from a beach club in Cancun, you can get hired.

Content Creator 

Have words always come naturally to you? Can you shoot and edit a video in your sleep?

Well, most business owners are miserably bad at both. Just look at the average landing page… ouch. And when they attempt videos… let’s say there’s LOTS of room for improvement.

None of this is meant to offend – it’s just to point out the massive opportunities out there. Taking a company’s written/visual content to the next level can boost conversions, revenues, and profits.

What content will you create? The options are many, from blog posts that educate visitors and improve on-site SEO, to videos that breathe life into a business’s brand.

And with a shortage of qualified content creators lies your chance. Even if you’re lying on a beach in Thailand.

SEO Consultant

Quick question: if you withdrew your life savings and needed to bury those bills somewhere… where would you do it?

Easy answer: on page 2 of the Google search results – because nobody ever looks there.

But seriously: in 2022, whoever ranks on the first page of Google wins.

So if you know how long-tail keywords, anchor text, and meta descriptions work, guess what – you’ve got the roots of a digital nomad job/business.

By helping businesses improve their search rankings, they’ll make the first page and improve their visibility.

But that’s not all – by improving their site’s load speed and on-site copy, you’ll reduce its bounce rate, further enhancing its rank. And with more precise copy comes ‘mo conversions and ‘mo money!

In short, the massive value this profession offers makes it the perfect digital nomad job.

As a Digital Nomad, The World is Your Oyster

Working from anywhere – it’s the digital nomad dream. So whether you’re a programmer, copywriter, or business consultant, you CAN work from that beach in the Caribbean or that mountain cabin in the Alps.

Now… get out there and make it happen!

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