The New York Public Library – An Iconic Literary Gem

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While the New York Public Library system consists of 89 individual branches, the building next to Bryant Park is the one that most frequently comes to mind. Home to 75 miles of shelves housing massive humanities and social sciences archive and world-renowned through films, photographs, weddings and stories, the Public Library is one of the leading and most popular libraries in the United States. 

New York Public Library: A magical place

New York Public Library

The famous New York Public Library is an old library in the middle of Manhattan and next to Bryant Park. You’ll find this iconic building on 42nd Street on Fifth Avenue. A location is a place of silence, which is a crazy feeling when you walk inside and feel the contrast from the noise of the city.

The Library is an attractive place to use as a film set. Many of you, for example, will know the Public Library because of the film “Sex and The City”, where Carrie (Sarah Jessica Parker) wanted to marry Mr. Big. The NYC Public Library a very beautiful and special building and we highly recommend taking a look inside when you are nearby.

You can also join one of the library’s free tours (11 am, 2 pm Mon-Sat; 2 pm Sun). These also stop at the beautifully renovated Rose Main Reading Room and the Bill Blass Public Catalog Room.

Spotted: Rose Main Reading Room

The famous Rose Main Reading Room (Room 315) is a majestic public space, measuring 78 feet by 297 feet – roughly the length of two city blocks! It combines Old World architectural elegance with modern technology. The award-winning restoration of this room was completed in 1998, thanks to a fifteen million-dollar gift from Library trustee Sandra Priest Rose and Frederick Phineas Rose, who renamed the room in honor of their children. The New York Public Library is a Must-See for first time New York visitors since it’s one of the most popular sights in the city. Come early to avoid crowds and make sure to stop by Bryant Park right after.

Public Library Main Reading Room

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