What To Do VI’s Response to COVID-19

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What To Do VI’s Response to COVID-19

Just as everyone else, we have been working on adjusting to the current circumstances and trying to understand how this will impact us, as well as other businesses, lives, and in general the US Virgin Islands. Our hearts go out to everyone that is affected by the novel coronavirus and we want to be here for you during this time. We have been busy working on a few items in response to the pandemic and wanted to bring some of those to your attention. We are making edits to our site that you may notice. Some of those changes include information, articles, and resources specifically for the COVID-19 virus. Also, we are making changes to our business services to assist in this time. We know that this is just a drop in the bucket, but we are happy to offer our help at this time and will be operating pro-bono to try and assist how we can. We look forward to announcing information soon on other work we are putting together, and if you would like to contribute to the website or anything else please feel free to send a message to info@whattodo-vi.com.

Changes to What To Do VI


If you have any changes to your business, specials that you want to advertise, virtual business offerings etc, please let us know. We are doing our best in researching and trying to find what we can, but we know we won’t find it all. We will advertise those offerings for you here and on our social media pages!

Business Packages

At the moment, we know that discretionary income is minimal at best, so we are offering free premium business pages, to any business that is interested. Please just send an email to info@whattodo-vi.com and we will set it up. (PS. this has and will remain an option for locally registered 501(C)3’s who also get featured blog posts).

Local Business Information

You will find our COVID articles on our homepage and here–we will continue to update them and add more as we go. We will also try to update business listings that we can and from those who reach out to us to include their current hours/offerings and response to the pandemic. Don’t forget–free business pages, guys!

Despite this all, the Virgin Islands is still one of the most beautiful places on the planet, full of strong and resilient people who have seen a crisis or two. So even when the world around us may seem to be spinning out of control, those things will never change. We will all get back on track and perhaps be even stronger than before! Stay healthy and safe everyone!

-With love,

What To Do VI

What are you or your business doing in response to the COVID-19 pandemic? Please let us know so we can include you in our next article:

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