5 Date Adventure Ideas for SF

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Date adventure ideas sf

Dating in any city can be tough and having dated for roughly the past 15 years, I will be the first to acknowledge that. One of the things that’s great about SF is that there is constantly a steady stream of events, leaving you with plenty of options. It’s more like finding the right person that’s the hard part.

In any case, sometimes those creative juices can get stuck so I created a list to help you out! Here are some date ideas for when you want to take out that special someone.

1. Stargazing (Marin County) – If you’re into stars and stuff, Friends of Mount Tam offers a stargazing party that is open to the public. There is an outdoor lecture and then partygoers are free to peruse the homemade telescopes that are set up in the parking lot. Admission is free, just bring your curiosity!

5 date adventure ideas in sf

2. Check out a bar. Sometimes the first few dates can be a little awkward, which makes sense because y’all are still getting to know each other. For a list of bar recs, you can check out this post. I would also recommend the Zeitgeist for it’s outdoor patio area and having Pliny the Elder on tap!

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3. Urban Putt (Mission, SF) – This is a cute spot to go on after you’ve gotten to know your date a little bit, so maybe a second date. The owner essentially converted a Victorian home into a golf course, with each hole representing a different SF landmark. The average age of golfers seemed to be early-mid twenties. You can get a friendly little competition going and Mission Bar is close by, so loser of the game can buy a round of beers.

4. Take a class together. This can be Paint Nite, it can be a sushi making class, you can even go boxing together. Sites like Groupon and Livingsocial make it easy to find great deals for different types of activities. Personally, I like going on activities with dates because you get to create memories together by experiencing something new.

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5. Land’s End (Sea Cliff, SF) – Your girl likes her hiking so taking a date to Land’s End seems like a no-brainer. You’re in nature, you get sick ocean views, and depending on how the date goes, you can make the hike as long or as short as you want. You can check out this post on Best Bay Area Hikes for more hike ideas too.

5 date adventure ideas in sf

Where are some places that you like taking dates too? Comment below!

5 best date adventure ideas in SF


I spend a ridiculous amount of time thinking about eating pho in Vietnam, swimming under the waterfalls in Thailand, and temple hopping in Cambodia. Aside from this, I am in the healthcare field in the Bay Area! If you’re ever in the area, hit me up 🙂

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