The great American experience is about a variety of things, including bluegrass and beaches, snow-capped peaks & redwood forests, the restaurant-loving towns, and wide sky. People should submit the US tourist visa application from the home country for visiting the US. Through this visa, you can enter the country while taking some classes or attending the interview.

USA Tourist Visa Categories

US visitor visa

The B1 and B2 visas are the two categories of US tourist visa

B1 Visa – To do business, attend conferences for learning, purchase or sell real estate, or negotiate a contract or agreement a US B1 visa application needs to be submitted.

B2 Visa – To travel, receive medical treatment, attend social gatherings, sporting, musical, or cultural activities, or sign up for a brief course or program.

The USA Tourist Visa entitles the holder to brief trips to the USA for a maximum of six months. Candidates may select their visa category based on the visit’s objectives.


Candidates require fulfilling these requirements for being eligible for apply for the USA tourist visa application,

  1. A passport with a minimum six months validity
  2. Own enough cash resources.
  3. Possess neither a criminal history nor an active case.
  4. You must be in good health to visit the USA.
  5. Own deep links to their nation of origin
  6. Be able to persuade the immigration officials that the visit is only being made for a short time.

Visa Application Process

US Visa Application Process

It just takes six simple steps for applying for a tourist visa for the United States.

  1. Get a Digital Photograph Of Every Applicant. When requesting a USA tourist visa, a digital picture is necessary. Make sure the images are in the proper sizes, professional, and clear.
  2. Fill out the Visitor Visa Application Form DS160, which has to be done online. After everything is finished, you will get a confirmation with 10-digit barcode.
  3. Pay the necessary Visitor Visa application cost. You have two options for paying the processing fee: online bank transfers or in-person cash payments at a recognized bank.
  4. Schedule a visa interview appointment – A biometrics appointment at the Offsite Facilitation Centre (OFC) and a face-to-face interview with an American embassy or consulate must be scheduled separately.
  5. Biometric At a VAC – Your digital photo and electronic fingerprints, which you provide with your application for a USA tourist visa, are biometrics. Such biometrics is used by staff members at the Visa Application Centre (VAC) to verify your identification.
  6. Be present at the visa interview in the selected Consulate or US Embassy – Show up for the interview at the designated US Embassy or Consulate on the appointed day. Bring all necessary documentation.

Document Requirements

The following supporting documentation must be provided when applying for the US tourist visa:

  1. Passports that are valid (both new and old)
  2. Page for confirming the DS-160 form
  3. Receipt for the application cost
  4. Photos
  5. Letter of appointment copy
  6. Evidence of current income, tax payments, company or asset ownership
  7. Travel schedule and further justification for the vacation you have scheduled
  8. The employer’s letter. This letter has to include information about your title, pay, length of employment, authorized vacation time (if any), etc.
  9. In the event of a conviction or arrest somewhere, the court or criminal records. Even if you had been granted a pardon or finished serving your term, you still need to furnish it.

Visa Interview

You visit the US Embassy for the Visa interview process should you fall under 14 and 79 years. You will require scheduling an appointment for an interview and right away. The more you procrastinate, the harder this may be in acquiring an appointment. Most importantly handle the US tourist visa interview questions with confidence. You will receive the confirmation letter after you have made an appointment.

Processing Time

Depending on the nation the applicant applies from, the processing period for US visitor visa applications varies. Usually, the period lasts between 18 and 21 days.

Visa Fees

The entire cost of the procedure depends on a number of variables, including service costs, biometric fees, delivery fees, and so on. The US government has the right to alter the fees at any time, without warning. As a result, you must check the costs before you begin applying.

Reasons for Rejection

A request for a tourist visa to the US might be turned down if

  • The information the applicant gave was insufficient or incorrect.
  • The applicant has a volatile financial situation.
  • The applicant overstayed their welcome on their prior visit.
  • The candidate has a criminal record.
  • The applicant submitted the incorrect visa application.

Visa Extension

Foreign nationals holding non-immigrant visas can request visa extensions. In a comparable vein, during the submission of their visa extension application, their non-immigrant visas requires being valid. Non-immigrants however with criminal histories that apply for US tourist visa extension in fact will never be accepted via USCIS. In fact it is likely for anyone in applying for the US visa renewal sans leaving the country. The requisites for the visa extension include,

  1. You are an authentic nonimmigrant.
  2. You received a nonimmigrant visa that allowed you to enter the country legally.
  3. Your passport is still valid and will be throughout the extension
  4. You have the means to sustain the prolongation
  5. You have not transgressed any laws or other immigration requirements to enter the US.
  6. Beyond the extension date, you will not be staying.
  7. You have not engaged in any behavior that disqualifies you from receiving a visa.

Parting Thoughts

It may require various stages in applying for the USA tourist visa, yet with the right preparation, organization, and paperwork, this procedure can be easy. You will be sound on the way in enjoying an amazing expedition to the US if you follow the above advice wisely and travel safely!