The US is a vast country, and with your US visa in hand, be ready to have a wonderful experience. While traveling across the US, you will feel as if you are visiting many countries. Each place has its own identity, culture, and food. The tourist destinations are good but the food and drink festivals are a great way to learn about a place’s culture and to try out different foods.

Check out the some of the most amazing food festivals in the USA

Thanksgiving American MenuL.A-based organizations helping the youth of today. The dates for 2021 have not been finalized.

 Picklesburgh Festival:

The dates for this three-day festival have not been announced but are expected to be in July this year. The pickle capital Picklesburgh, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania hosts this festival every year. There will be pickle pizza, pickled seafood, pickle-themed cocktails and, fried pickles for the pickle lovers. There were plenty of vendors for food, souvenir, and novelty products. This is an entry-free, family-friendly event and includes child-friendly games and activities.

 Eat Drink SF:

This is a celebration of the Bay Areas’ food culture. With tasting sessions, food and drink classes, and cooking demos, the festival weekend kicks off with Taco Knockdown, which is a creative battle for chefs. A single ticket enables the visitor to experience everything at the festival. During the weekend there are four grand tasting events featuring restaurants, beer, spirits, and cocktails. Guests can taste the food, watch the demonstrations by celebrity chefs, learn about winemaking, and more. The dates for August 2021 have not been decided.

New Orleans Wine and Food Experience:

This is a five-day annual culinary extravaganza scheduled for June 9-13, 2021. Events include seminars and specialty food and drink “experiences,” wine tastings, and festive meals. The festival has donated over $1.2 million to local charity organizations. “Vinola” is a popular event for true wine connoisseurs, where they can enjoy the opportunity to sample rare and highly valued wines. “Tournament of Rosés” is another event where you taste premier rosés from France, Spain, Italy, United States, and other places.

The Barbecue Festival – Lexington, North Carolina:

The Barbecue festival is scheduled for 23rd October 2021. If you want to feast on the best, juiciest, and most flavorful barbecue head to Lexington, North Carolina. Other than this, there is plenty of food stalls, souvenirs, presents, and handmade craft stands, street shows, entertainment, and music shows to make this festival a memorable one. For the meat-eaters, the world-famous Lexington barbecue is typically made by barbecuing pork shoulder in a seasoned vinegar-based sauce and served with coleslaw.

As you travel across the US and visit such food events, it opens your eyes and your taste buds to new authentic flavors and foods. Food also helps you meet new people. It’s wonderful to experience new food with others who are just as enthusiastic about it as you are. Before you set out, it’s better to update yourself about the events from their official state websites as there may be changes due to the pandemic.  Stay safe, healthy, and enjoy your visit to the food events in the US.