New York Pride: The Complete Guide

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June in New York means gay pride month and we can’t wait to celebrate at the Gay Pride Parade NYC – even if it a virtual event this year. Every year thousands of travelers come to New York to celebrate the gay pride events in New York. In 2019, as part of Stonewall 50 – WorldPride NYC, up to five million people attended the event over the final weekend of the celebrations, with an estimated four million people at the parade.

New York City Pride is where it all started back in the days with the Stonewall Riots. Today it has evolved into Gay prides all over the world.

By the way: Here you find the best Pride NYC events.

Where is the pride parade NYC?

Gay Pride Parade NYCThe main highlight is Saturday’s Gay Pride Parade NYC on 26th Street and 5th Avenue. 

The Gay Pride Parade NYC is the main event and the symbol of the Gay Pride here in New York. The Gay Pride Parade NYC finishes in West Village, from where more than an estimate of 2 Million people will head over to different after parade party locations.

Gay pride in NYC is colorful, freaky and so much fun. Don’t miss out when you are around.

What time does the Pride Parade Start NYC?

Usually the Pride Parade in New York starts at noon on June 26th and will finish up sometime in the evening.

Where to go after the Gay Pride Parade NYC?

The gay pride parade in the summer in nyc

  • One of the biggest parties after the Gay Pride Parade NYC is the Pride Island Festival starting from 2 pm until 10 pm. This year Pride Island (formerly known as the Dance on the Pier) will move a little further uptown to a new location in Hell’s Kitchen at Pier 97, at 57th Street and the West Side Highway. The rest days the same. Pride Island will still be the best party to go to with the same electric DJs, lots of dancing all afternoon and stunning NYC views.
  • Another great party is the Pride Fest at Hudson Street in the West Village where the crowds are celebrating on the streets with music and drinks. PrideFest is a street festival where you will find vendors, entertainment, and activities all celebrating equality.
  • You could also join local bars after the gay pride parade in Chelsea
  • At night the crowds will end up at one of the rooftop bars in the city.

Most likely every bar will have the most colorful party of the year that day.

Best Pride Events


What Day is NYC Pride?

Pride Month has its very own sub-holiday known as Pride Day which is celebrated each year on June 26. This day represents the first Pride March that was held in 1970 in New York City. Though, it’s common for different communities to celebrate Pride Day on different dates in June.

What is the Pride of New York?

New York Pride is a yearly event held in New York City to celebrate the LGBTQ+ culture, pride, and community. This march is one of the most famous among New Yorkers among all Pride events NYC and is commonly called the Pride Parade.

Where is the Biggest Pride Celebration?

New York City’s annual Pride March is the biggest pride celebration and draws in over 2 million visitors each year.

Where in NYC is Pride?

Pride March NYC runs through Lower Manhattan along Fifth Avenue. It then travels through Greenwich Village and passes the Stonewall National Monument. This is an important path because it was where this monument is located that the June 1969 riots occurred, which prompted the beginning of the modern LGBTQIA+ rights movement.

What do you wear to Pride?

Ultimately, you can wear what you wish, but popular choices include short shorts and pride rompers. Regardless of what you choose, just be sure the clothes are comfortable and still allow you enough movement to enjoy yourself!

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