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As you know, New York City is a melting pot with residents from all around the globe, and this includes a significant population of people from Japan. NowHere Gallery was created to serve as a multipurpose hub for emerging Japanese artists who are trying to get their start in New York City’s art scene. The sole focus of this gallery is to help artists who relocate from Japan to NYC, whether permanently or just for a visit. They help them navigate the culture shock associated with such a move while also displaying their works of art in hopes of getting the artists’ names out to collectors and art connoisseurs. 

Since its inception in 2019, NowHere has grown to become a home for emerging Japanese artists who create everything from culinary and digital arts to fashion, photography, and anything else you can imagine that relates to the arts. 

NowHere has displayed many successful exhibits over the years, such as Monsters Among Us by Motomichi, Wave of Sand by Kozaburo Akasaka, $17 76¢ by Kota Okuda, and Listening to Silence by Ray Kunimoto. 

So, if you’re planning a trip to visit NowHere’s Soho location in the near future, you’ll enjoy an exhibit by the group called Exonemo, which is a unit of eight Japanese artists who formed in 1996. They produce experimental projects that include elements of comedy and explore the paradoxes of analog and digital computer networks and natural environments in our lives. 

Upcoming and Past Exhibits

  • “If I were living in …” by Oscar Oiwa (until Apr 3rd, 2022)

What can you do after visiting NowHere?

If you want to visit more art galleries, I recommend the Brooke Alexander Gallery, Eden Gallery, LIK Fine Art Soho or Jeffrey Deitch. If not, you can go to one of the many great restaurants in SoHo. Two of my favorites are Little Prince, Antique Garage and The Dutch, both a few blocks away.

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