Things to Do in Miami, Florida for a Bachelorette Party

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Miami, Florida is a great place for a bachelorette party. I went in October where I celebrated my good friend’s engagement and hung out with her crew. It was my first trip out to Miami and my first trip to these types of events. I was thoroughly pleased!

This was a picture we took before the first night of festivities:

As you can tell, the maid of honor was fully prepared with room decor, confetti, and wall hangings. When you’re planning your bachelorette party, you’re going to want to grab some festive gifts:

My friends even purchased some really cute hats, bottles, plates that were personalized for each bridesmaid/guest. Other suggestions include bridesmaid and bride to be sashes and bride tattoos!

Where to Stay

A few friends mentioned to stay by Downtown Miami, Brickell, Midtown, or South Beach.

We ended up staying in Miami Beach, one of the most expensive areas in Florida. Miami Beach has homes with median prices of $5.6 million and homes listed above $10 million (according to Investopedia in 2016). I normally don’t ball out with accommodations, but Miami Beach is a great place to stay as there are many restaurants, beaches, and clubs in the area.

I actually decided to visit Miami a day before everyone else got there so I could do a bit more exploration. The flights were also cheaper during those dates (check out my article on how to score cheaper flights here). Arriving a day earlier, I stayed in Wynwood before relocating to Miami Beach. It ended up being super fun, and it could be a place to consider when figuring out accommodations. Wynwood is more of a hipster and artsy place, and the rent prices are much lower than those of Miami Beach. It also has some decent nightlife as well!

Things to Do

Wynwood Walls

While in Wynwood, I briefly visited the Wynwood Walls and streets. Wynwood Walls has some amazing wall art, and there are many shops, bars, and restaurants. It was nighttime and raining when I visited so I didn’t see too much of the wall art, unfortunately:

Miami Beach

Miami Beach is a fun place to visit. When I was staying with the other bridesmaids, the beach was an easy 5-minute walk:

However, I noticed people taking Instagram photos of themselves in front of Lamborghinis…quite off-putting to be honest…Perhaps this is regular behavior out in Miami?

Regardless, Miami Beach was definitely worth a visit! It was so relaxing, especially being a short walk away from it all.

Haulover Sandbar

The Haulover Sandbar was a really fun and unique experience. We took a boat out to the Biscayne Bay and rode over to the Sandbar. During the ride, the driver let us play our own music, and we ended up blasting Spanish tunes!

The Haulover Sandbar is basically this area where the water is so shallow there’s a patch of sand in the middle of the water, and you can buy food and drinks from a boat in the area. Many boats ride out to the Sandbar to chill, blast music, and party.


Michael’s Genuine Food & Drink

Michael’s was a delicious place located around Wynwood. The food is delicious and the atmosphere is upscale.

To be honest the portions were small so it didn’t fill me. You’ll end up spending around $30-60 per meal, but if you’re looking for a fancier night out, this place works!

Coyo Taco

While I was in Wynwood, I ate at Coyo Taco, a recommendation from my AirBnB hosts. If you stay in the area, it’s a pretty tasty choice.

Other recommendations

My other friends mentioned Wynwood Kitchen and Bar and Larios on the Beach for food. If you walk around Larios on the Beach there is apparently a lot of places with night performances (including drag queen lip syncing)!

I’m sure there are tons of recommendations I’m missing. Miami should have some tasty Cajun food so be sure to do a bit more digging.



Story was super fun for night clubbing. If you want to attend, try to get a promoter to hook you up with a table as the place gets crowded and drinks can get expensive. The great thing was our AirBnB was super close to Story so we could pregame and walk over.

Recommendations from Friends

  • SLS Day Club
  • Liv
  • Mansion
  • Rockwell
  • Eleven


I’m going to plug Centro in Wynwood because I had an amazing time there the night before my friends got to Miami. They were serving free drinks up till midnight, so I decided to check out this new joint. A group of people ended up inviting me to their table and we had a great time. Coincidentally one of them was the club owner’s brother, so it was super chill! I have no idea how Centro is regularly but I sure had a great time there.


I thought Miami was a perfect place for a bachelorette party. I want to visit again as I don’t believe I have explored enough of the city. I stayed 3 nights in Miami, but had to leave around 4 AM the last night so it was quite a short trip.

Let me know if you have other recommendations for places to visit in Miami, Florida!


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