In 2017, the UAE government allowed Indian people holding a valid US tourist visa to enter the country with a 14-day UAE or Dubai visa upon arrival.

Who is eligible for a 14-day UAE Visa on Arrival?

Indian nationals holding a valid visa or residency card from the US, UK, or an EU member state can now apply for a Dubai visa upon arrival in the UAE.

Which visas are acceptable?

Indian nationals can apply for the following visas at international airports and seaports in the United Arab Emirates to receive a Dubai Visa on arrival for Indians holding a US visa.

  1. US multiple-entry visa (any multiple-entry US visa, excluding transit visas like C1), such as B1, B2, B1/B2, L1, H1, F1, J1, etc.
  2. US green card
  3. Permit to reside in the UK (ILR, BRP, or spouse visas)
  4. Permit to reside in the EU (any residency permit from any member state)

US Tourist Visa Requirements

A US B2 tourist visa from Dubai can be obtained by fulfilling certain conditions and presenting the required paperwork to prove your intention to visit and your ties to your home or current place of residence.

Important specifications

  1. Your passport must be valid for at least six months beyond your intended stay in the US.
  2. A Completed online application form DS-160.
  3. Evidence of payment for the non-refundable visa application cost.
  4. A recent passport-sized photo that satisfies the standards for the US visa photo.
  5. Supporting documents including, a travel itinerary, bank statements, employment details, and a
  6. letter of invitation if visiting friends or family are examples of additional documents.

Showing Connections to Home Country

  1. Candidates must demonstrate that they have close ties to their home nation or present place of residence and want to return after visiting the US. This can include,
  2. Pay slips, employment letters, and documentation proving leave was approved.
  3. Proof of the ties within the family back home.
  4. Documentation proving property or asset ownership.
  5. Statements from banks and other financial documents.

How To Get A Visa For The United Arab Emirates or Dubai Upon Arrival At The Airport

dubai visa on arrival for us visa holders

Clearance before the departure

Upon payment of the arrival fee at Dubai International Airport (DXB), Marhaba Services will evaluate your paperwork and accept the US visa from Dubai. At the time of check-in, your airline will provide Marhaba with your details. You will be requested to hold off until Marhaba gives her clearance.
A 45-minute wait is possible for Marhaba approval. You will obtain your boarding permit and have your checked bags accepted by airline personnel once they have received approval from Marhaba.

Verification of documents and payment of fees

  1. Head towards baggage claim and passport control after you get off your flight in Dubai. Identify the Marhaba Services counter. It is in front of the immigration check counter.
  2. Marhaba Services is a company that runs lounges and meet-and-greet services at Dubai Airport.
  3. They are in charge of processing your visa application, collecting the required payment, and providing your Dubai visa upon arrival.
  4. Inform the Marhaba Services representative that you want to obtain a visa upon arrival. Give them your passport and boarding pass. No forms or photos need to be submitted, and no submission is required.
  5. Pay the 125 AED visa on arrival charge for Dubai. This receipt is what you’ll need to provide when you are checked by immigration.

Immigration verification

Present your boarding pass, passport, and Marhaba visa on the receipt for the arrival fee as you approach the immigration counter.
You can be questioned about how long you plan to stay in the United Arab Emirates.

Visa on Arrival Charges

  1. For holders of US visas, the visa-on-arrival charge in Dubai is 100 AED. Nonetheless, the costs could range from 105 to 140 AED based on the airport.
  2. Before visiting immigration, you must pay the visa cost at a separate location. The amount paid exceeds the official fees of 100 AED since these third-party agencies add a service charge.
  3. Changes may also be made to the visa fee. For the most recent information, visit the official website.

Processing Of Visa Upon Arrival

Verifying the documents, collecting the Visa on Arrival fee, and issuing the Visa on Arrival are tasks delegated to third-party organisations. It takes between five and fifteen minutes to complete.

  1. Visa on Arrival validity
  2. Dubai visa on arrival for US visa holders is valid for 14 days.
  3. Visa on Arrival for entry into Dubai
  4. Visas on Arrival are only valid for one entry. You will have to obtain a new Visa upon Arrival if you depart from the UAE and return a short while later.

Visa on Arrival Extension

The Dubai on arrival visa for US visa holders can be extended once for another 14 days at any AMER centre in UAE. The cost is 250 AED, which includes service fees and VAT.

Keep Extra Time To Spend At The Airport Before You Depart

A third-party agent has been assigned to confirm the documentation and collect the Visa on Arrival fee, depending on the airport. To obtain permission to board the flight to the UAE, the airline must forward your passport and ticket details to the agent there. It takes five to eight minutes to receive approval.
You will receive the boarding card from the airline once it has been approved by the agency. Try to arrive at the airport early and remember to factor in this extra time.


If you want to stay in the UAE for less than 14 days, the Dubai visa on arrival for Indian passport holders is a far better option than the 30-day tourist visa for holders of Indian passports. The cost of a 30-day tourist visa is about three times that of a UAE visa upon arrival.


How long can I stay in Dubai with a visa on arrival?

A. The maximum stay permitted on the visa on arrival is 14 days. The officials in charge of immigration in Dubai must approve it.

What paperwork is required to obtain a visa for Dubai upon arrival?

A. A valid US visa, a confirmed return or onward ticket, and an Indian passport valid for at least six months from the date of arrival are required.

What is the cost of a visa to Dubai upon arrival?

A. The visa on arrival fees is AED 100. Credit or debit cards can be used to pay for them at the immigration office.

Can I extend my Dubai visa on arrival?

A. It is possible to extend the visa upon arrival for an extra fourteen days. The appropriate immigration authorities in Dubai must receive an application for and approve the extension.

Should I apply for a visa before my trip to Dubai?

A. There is no need to apply for the visa before your trip because it is issued at Dubai International Airport upon arrival.