The United States of America is one of the top tourist destinations in the world. Located in the North American continent, this country is home to 52 states. With a wide array of geographical locations, climates, and landscapes, there is much to see in the USA. The country has some of the most vibrant and cool cities, lush national parks (that is spread across 2 or more states), gorgeous beaches, iconic national monuments, world-class theme parks, and the most glamorous film industry. This is the reason why the US is on the bucket list of many people. But before you travel to the US, you need to get a US visa.

The US tourist visa is known as B2 visa and is intended for those who want to visit the United States of America for a short period of time, specifically for tourism. With a B2 visa, you can travel across the country, visit your friends and relatives living in the USA, seek medical treatment, take part in recreational courses (short), attend concerts, events, and classes (where you do not receive any payment or credit). While a lot has been said about the things you can do with a US visa, not many know that there are certain things that are restricted for holders of the US tourist visa or B2 visa. Here you will find everything about what not to do when in the US with a tourist visa.

List of Things You Cannot do in the US on a Tourist Visa

Things You Cannot do in the US on a Tourist Visa

It is extremely crucial to know what things you cannot do when in the US with a tourist visa. This is because if you are found doing any of the things mentioned in this list, you will be deported back to your country. Moreover, your chances of ever getting a US visa again will also become slim. Hence, do take a look at the things you should not do when in America with a tourist visa:

Get a Job

Get a Job

The US tourist visa does not give you the right to look for a job or take up a job in the US. You cannot work or help at your friend’s or relative’s restaurant, hotel, motel, gas station, store, or any such place. This rule applies even when you are not getting paid for the work you are doing. If you want to work in the USA, you need to have an H1B visa that is sponsored by your employer in the US.

Enroll for a Degree Course

Enroll for a Degree Course

Although visitors with a tourist visa are allowed to do short-term activity or hobby classes, they cannot take up or apply for a degree course at a college or university in the USA. This includes vocational courses as well. You cannot enter the country on a tourist visa, apply at one of the universities, and then apply for a student visa. Instead, you have to apply for an F1 visa (student visa) from your home country itself. Students who want to enroll for vocational courses need to apply for an M1 visa.

Be Part of a Paid Performance or Event

As a visitor in the US with a tourist visa, you do not have the right to be a part of a performance or event where you get paid. For instance, you cannot perform at concerts, stand-up acts, and gigs in the US and get paid for the same. On the other hand, you can be a part of such shows and events for free.

Cover a Media Event

If you are a journalist and want to visit the USA to cover a media event, a B2 or tourist visa will not suffice. A tourist does not have the right to cover any such event. Any person representing any type of media, be it newspaper, press, or radio, has to apply for a non-immigrant Media (I) visa.

Stay in the USA Permanently

Stay in the USA Permanently

This is quite obvious. A US tourist visa gives you the chance to stay and travel in the USA for a short period of time. Your US tourist visa validity can be anywhere between 6 months to 10 years. It is important to return to your home country before your visa validity expires.


It is important to remember that the US tourist visa is a temporary one. Moreover, it is even more crucial to remember that one should not apply for a US tourist visa with dual intentions. For instance, if you are planning to look for a job, apply for a course, or get married once you reach the US with a tourist visa, it is important to inform about the same to the visa officer. If the officer comes to know about it from other sources, your US visa application may get denied. Even if you get a visa, you may be denied entry at the port of entry if your intentions are known to the officer at the airport. Hence, one must not try to fool the visa officials. Being truthful and honest is important to get your US visa.