When does NYC take down Christmas decorations?

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Curious about when NYC takes down Christmas decorations? Perfect! In this blog post, I answer this exact question, providing insights to help plan your festive trip to the Big Apple.

New York City typically removes its Christmas decorations by the second week of January. This provides locals and visitors ample opportunity to enjoy the holiday displays. Don’t just focus on the famous sights, though. Each neighborhood, from Fifth Avenue’s lavish store windows to Brooklyn’s festively adorned brownstones, offers unique holiday charm.

The exact date for taking down the decorations can vary, sometimes due to weather or city events. So, before setting out on your holiday adventures, consider checking the NYC Department of Transportation’s Weekly Traffic Advisory (here) and Weekend Traffic Advisory (here) for the latest information on street closures when you are in the city.

My tip: Here you can find everything you need to know about the Christmas season in NYC.

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