15 Fun, Affordable, Last-Minute Gifts for Lovers of the Virgin Islands

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15 Fun, Affordable, Last-Minute Gifts for Lovers of the Virgin Islands

Chef Digby


A James Beard honoree for multiple years running, Chef Digby Stridiron has a well-earned reputation for creating Caribbean-style menus that celebrate his island roots. Born on St. Croix, Digby studied at Le Cordon Bleu and continues to bring to the world stage his philosophy of using the freshest local ingredients. Split between his Virgin Islands birthplace and his residences in North Carolina, Stridiron’s fans have the opportunity to sample his innovative menus in both locations.

Through the James Beard Foundation, you can order Peach Hibiscus Jasmine Green Tea and pair it with a Digby recipe.

Enroot Tea Collection: Peach Hibiscus Jasmine Green Tea paired with Digby Stridiron’s Toasted Chickpeas and Curried Kale

https://drinkenroot.com/products/peach-jasmine and https://drinkenroot.com/recipes

Or, for a very special holiday gift, make travel and dinner reservations for one of Chef Digby’s innovative events.

Chef Digby’s Caribbean Tasting Menu: Flavors of the Caribbean 

July 8-9, 2022

6:30 PM

@ Sir Winston

104 W. 4th Street

Winston-Salem, North Carolina

$70 Per Person

Five-Course Meal

Please call 336-772-0795 to make reservations.

Nayda YoungNayda Young


Nayda Young’s alluring tropical oils are her secret to glowing skin and her youthful appearance. Nayda’s Coki Oil is named for the world-famous Coki Beach in St. Thomas. Ingredients include almond, sesame and secretly-scented oils that your lovers will adore, but mosquitos and sandflies hate. Coki Oil is derived from nature and benefits your body and soul.

ARC Vodka


The Virgin Islands’ first vodka distillery, ARC handcrafts premium spirits. ARC has a smooth and crisp flavor with no chemicals, dyes or additives. Only the freshest organically grown fruits, herbs and spices, sourced exclusively throughout the Caribbean, are used to create ARC’s small-batch vodka and signature spirits. Taste the Virgin Islands in every sip!

Lucien Downe


Lucien Downes demonstrates freedom through mixed media. His works are composed of spiritual and worldly elements that function independently, or at times merge, to encompass a greater whole. Lucien utilizes resin, acrylic, fibers, raw pigments, Plexiglas, and sometimes found objects to create his pieces. His pieces are displayed in the homes of Maya Angelou, Teddy Riley and many private collections around the world. Mr. Downes’ work, “Phoenix Rising,” was selected by the Textile Museum of Canada to represent the U.S. Virgin Islands in their project titled “Water Colour”.

Janet Cook-RutnikJanet Cook-Rutnik – In The Garden 

https://janetcookrutnik.com/ or https://www.cmcarts.org/product-page/in-the-garden

In the Garden, Janet Cook-Rutnik’s retrospective art book is available by contacting Janet directly at cookrutnik@gmail.com or through the online store at the Caribbean Museum Center for the Arts. When Cook-Rutnik celebrated her 50th year of creating art, critics, gallery owners, and other artists urged her to publish a book that showcased the scope of her work. The result is a 120-page compilation of her paintings, collages, sculptures, prints, photographs, installations, and film projects dating from 1969 to 2020. Written primarily by Cook-Rutnik and David Knight Jr. on the Bajo El Sol gallery, the book highlights the human experiences and concepts underlying her sublime work.

Steve Simonsen Art Book


The Virgin Islands are filled with extraordinary photographers. It’s the beauty of the islands and the colorful culture that draws shutterbugs from around the world. Steve Simonsen, however, stands above the rest for both his talent and his tenacity. Steve has been photographing the Virgin Islands from every angle for over 20 years – underwater, aerial, video, and award-winning stills that have been exhibited at the Smithsonian. The list of notable publications, companies, and celebrities he has worked for can be counted in the hundreds. Give the magic of the Virgin Islands to friends and loved ones this year by gifting them one of Steve’s coffee table books or calendars. 

Mango Tango – Holiday Gift Card Collection


Since 1988, Mango Tango owners Jane Coombes and partner Smoky have discovered some of the most talented artists in the Caribbean. Jane’s keen eye has delighted art collectors for decades. Whether local or mainland, Mango Tango’s artists all have close connections to the Caribbean. Here you will find unique holiday gifts for Virgin Island enthusiasts.

Under The Magic Tree – Island Spirit Flags


Carolyn Roust is an illustrator, henna artist, textile artist, muralist, and photographer. Her work celebrates color, connection, nature, soul and joy, and is inspired by places she has lived, including the Virgin Islands. Roust’s art reflects what she has become: a collection of the philosophies she explored, the people she met, and the inspirations she has gathered in the years she spent traveling and exploring. She credits the beautiful island of St. John for uncovering her true nature as an artist in her thirties.

Daniel Benson – ArtUSVI


Born in the US Virgin Islands and raised on the water, Daniel Benson draws inspiration from Happy Island, a tiny cay off St. Thomas, and the adjacent wildlife sanctuary. Though his artistic mediums constantly evolve, his focus remains the same: honoring nature and the island spirit.

Abbey The Ant by Shatik Stephens 


Shatik Stephens is from St. John, where she was Miss St. John 1994. She is the proud mother of three girls and a grandmother to one boy. Shatik loves being able to express her creativity through the written word, and has always done so. From poetry to descriptions for pageants, to copywriting for a retail website, and now as an author, Shatik has always found a way to write. 

Audie Weaver

https://www.thejollydog.com/ and https://www.caravangallery.com/

Twelve-year-old artist Audie Weaver has been handcrafting and selling his clay pedants since he was nine. His designs are inspired by the colors and textures of the beaches on his island home of St John. Audie, an animal lover, donates one dollar from the proceeds from each pendant to the International Fund for Animal Welfare.

Tiny Tile MosaicsTiny Tile Mosaics


Crystal D’Abbraccio is the owner of Tiny Tile Mosaics, where she creates stunning works of tile art and distributes mosaic supplies to artists all over the world. Crystal founded Tiny Tile when she lived on St. John. Many of her designs draw from her love of the ocean and her former Caribbean home.

Crystal says, “I encourage our visitors to try living a simple life when visiting our island and to be thoughtful of the footprint they leave behind. Leave the cell phone at home, bring a refillable water bottle and reusable shopping bag. Respect the wildlife and leave it untouched. Be a part of the colorful culture and enjoy the natural beauty. Become one with the island.”

Debbie Sun Silk Scarfs


Born in Port of Spain, Trinidad, Debbie Sun was raised on the island of St. Croix. She studied at the University of California at Berkeley, then moved to Barcelona, Spain for almost seven years, then returned to St. Croix where she now works and lives. Sun’s textiles sparkle and ripple like the crystal waters of the places she’s lived in and traveled to. Although textile is Debbie’s medium of choice, she has also worked in paint, glass, and photography.

The Sunshine Society Subscription Box


Subscribe to The Sunshine Society and send sunshine in a box. Filled with treasures from the travels of the Island Contessa, each box is inspired by a different Caribbean Island. Jewelry, luxury self-care items, snacks, and clothing are just a few of the surprises you’ll find in your box each month.

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