3 Good Reasons to Visit the Western Part of New York

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New York is a city of many contrasts where history and modernity meet. It is where you can find the most historical places in the world and some of the most innovative buildings. The city of New York may be the first thing that comes to mind when most people think of New York State. Still, the remainder of the state, and notably the western part where fantastic attractions like the iconic Niagara Falls are situated, is worth a visit in its own right.

Here are 3 compelling reasons for venturing out toward New York State’s western reaches:

1. Buffalo

Buffalo, New York, is a fantastic place for vacation because of the variety of fun things to do and its proximity to Lake Erie’s eastern shore. Buffalo is the second-largest city in New York and is home to several fascinating museums and parks. The Highmark Stadium home of the Buffalo Bills is close by, located in the small town of Orchard Park. There are many other professional sports teams based in Buffalo, and the city also has a thriving cultural scene, complete with theatres, museums, and exciting nightlife. The city of Buffalo has seen significant changes in recent decades, making it a location worthy of your time and attention if you ever have the chance to visit New York State.

2. Niagara Falls

The beautiful and mighty Niagara Falls is one of the most visited natural sites in the world. The falls are formed from Lake Erie into Lake Ontario by combining two rivers, the Niagara River and the Humber River. The water flows over a series of rocks in a process called erosion. When this happens, it causes large amounts of water to be released at once, causing an immense force that eventually leads to the formation of this magnificent waterfall. 

Millions of gallons of water flow through these rocks daily, creating a vast misty veil that shows off its beauty for everyone to see. If you want to travel within a reasonable distance, several places around New York offer great views, such as Fort Niagara National Park or Goat Island State Park, both located within 30 miles of New York City. If you still want more than just a view, head over to Niagara Falls because there is no better place than this in all of North America to see an incredible waterfall like this!

3. Finger Lakes

The great Finger Lakes region in central-western New York is just a few hours’ drive from Buffalo. Each of the eleven lakes is one of a kind, having been shaped by the powerful glaciers during the last ice age and offering visitors a diverse set of activities and sights to see.

Tourists and wine connoisseurs from all over the world flock to the Finger Lakes to sample the region’s world-famous vintages at the area’s many wineries.

Thanks to the Lake’s 9000 miles of waterways and trails, outdoor enthusiasts visiting the Finger Lakes have a wide variety of boating, biking, camping, and hiking opportunities.

Have you ever visited New York City’s West Side? These attractions are just scratch the surface of the enormous diversity that can be found in western New York. Seeing this other side of New York will inspire you to explore the city and the natural beauty of western New York.

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