4 Tips for Digital Nomads Who Love Gaming

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Living as a digital nomad when you’re a gamer can be hard, especially if you’re really serious about gaming. A lot of gamers would love to be able to move their whole setup with them, but it can make logistics almost impossible. It can also add to the cost and stress of traveling. So, you’ll need to find a way to pack light while enjoying roughly the same level of gaming that you do at home. You’ll also have to find workarounds that will allow you to enjoy yourself from wherever you are. Here are four tips all digital nomads who are also gamers should follow.

Downsize Your Setup

One of the things you should do is find a way to downsize your setup. A mini PC will pack a less powerful punch than a desktop but more than a laptop, so this could be a great substitute for a full setup. 

All you would need next is a compact gaming monitor. You don’t have to get the best one on the market either. You want to keep costs reasonable so there will be less of a blowback if something happens. Lenovo has a nice selection of monitors for all budgets, so we suggest you check their website and see what they have to offer.

Get a Good Laptop that Can Play Games

Buying a gaming laptop and a mini PC would be redundant and expensive. Since you’ll probably be using a laptop for work, we suggest you get a solid work machine that can also run most games instead of a full-on gaming laptop.

This means that you’ll have to focus more on the processor than you usually would. If you’re going to be using programs like Photoshop and Premiere, or image rendering software, then you need a machine that has a processor with a 3ghz clock speed at the very least with something like 6 cores and 12 threads. The machine should have a dedicated graphics card, but you may have to settle for a card like an Nvidia 16 series or something in the low 30s.

Learn to Love Mobile Games

We have to admit that the selection of FPS games or sandbox games on mobile isn’t great, but you’d be surprised by all the great racing games, platformers, and even RPGs you’ll find on there. These games are even better on a tablet. If you have one, you shouldn’t feel that much limited when you can’t access your regular setup.

Now would also be a good idea to start looking at a Nintendo Switch. It is the only truly portable gaming console, and you’ll feel like you’re playing a full game no matter where you are. 

Get Backup Power

If you’re going to play on the road, you’re going to need one or a few power banks to keep your devices running. If you want a power bank for a laptop and your portable devices, get one with at least 20,000 mah of capacity with multiple ports and the right voltage for your computer. You should be able to see this on the laptop’s fact sheet or simply by looking at the power adapter.


If you’re a digital nomad or simply a gamer who likes to travel a lot, these tips should make your life a lot easier. Try to keep things as simple and light as possible and always have a plan B in case anything happens.

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