5 Best Family Activities in Seattle

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If you live in Washington or are planning a trip to Seattle, you and your family will have a long list of activities to enjoy in this Emerald City. Family road trips are one of the most wonderful ways to create lifelong memories and a great way to enrich your children in the beauty and culture of the world.

After over a year of lockdown, families are anxious to get out and rediscover the world around them and visit new and exciting places. There are many places in Seattle to visit with your children that will entertain and educate the whole family.

Seattle is one of the most modern and picturesque cities in the world. With its urban flair and outdoor majesty, there is no limit to the adventures that your family can enjoy. Whether you want to get outside and enjoy a nature trail, sail away on one of the many fun family charters, or get lost in the wonder of the Children’s Museum, there are no limits for entertaining opportunities. Let’s take a look at a few family-friendly activities to enjoy when you visit Seattle.

Woodland Zoo Park

Treat the whole family to a wildlife experience that goes beyond the standard zoo visit. The Woodland Zoo Park is a conservation and education facility that is home to over 250 species of animals. The park is dedicated to providing an informative and immersive experience for visitors of all ages. Your kids will enjoy the Dinosaur Discovery center and performance or playing at the indoor Zoomazium. Parents can enjoy a unique culinary and wildlife experience when they get some eats at Whiskey & Wildlife experience. It is recommended that you buy your tickets online and bring your mask to get the most out of your tour experience.

Cruise Puget Sound

Spending the day on the waters of Puget Sound can be a life-changing experience for the whole family. Hiring a luxury charter will allow you to tour the waterways and the San Juan Islands in comfort and luxury. Your family will be treated with magnificent views and an abundance of wildlife including bears, harbor seals, and whales swimming in the harbor. You will be treated to the unique views of the city and the Space Needle from your position on the water and enjoy a stunning day on the water.

Seattle’s Children’s Museum

Traditional museums can be overwhelming and even boring for your younger children. Seattle’s Children’s Museum is a collection of age-appropriate collections and displays that will thrill and amaze children of all ages. Children from 10 months old to eight years can learn through play at this unique facility. Kids are encouraged to get their hands dirty and try out many different activities that let them experience different careers including theatre performers, construction workers, and opticians.

Museum of Flight

Everyone in your family will enjoy the immersive experiences offered at the Museum of Flight. While the adults learn more about the detailed technologies that have led to our modern planes, the kids can enjoy getting their hands on the controls of a simulated pilot’s seat and strap themselves in for some fun.

Seattle Aquarium

The mysteries of the deep are exposed for all to enjoy at the Seattle Aquarium. For children that are dreaming of one-day becoming marine biologists, the staff at the aquarium are available to answer unending questions about the marine life on site. There are several opportunities for your kids to explore and get up close with many sea creatures and experience the rush of feeding times.

To really explore all that Seattle has to offer to your family, you would need more than a few days. If you are planning a trip to Seattle, try adding some of these family-friendly destinations to your itinerary and get started on your adventure. 

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