6 High-Paying Jobs that Require Travel With No Experience

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A typical question at a job interview is to talk about previous work experience. What happens when you don’t have anything to talk about? If employers don’t hire you because you haven’t worked before, how are you supposed to get a job

Luckily, there are some jobs which pay well and they don’t require experience. What the jobs you will find below do require is travelling and some skills that you can easily acquire. 

Travel Blogger

Tourism is an enormous industry that consists of a great variety of businesses, from hotels to restaurants to travel agencies and souvenir shops. An addition to this industry is the role of the travel blogger. You don’t need any degree or facilities. You just have to create a free blog, a personal website, and write all about your true thoughts and feelings after visiting a place as an ordinary tourist. By adding a few stunning photos and videos in your posts and updating your blog regularly, you can end up travelling the world for a living. 

Travel Journalist

If you have completed a degree in Journalism or if you have a travel blog that has hundreds of views monthly, you should consider applying for the position of the travel journalist to online and printed magazines and newspapers. Unlike travel bloggers, travel journalists don’t worry about saving money or don’t study marketing techniques so that more people read their blog because all that are the business’s responsibilities. All travel journalists care about is writing the best travel piece they can. 

Travel Photographer

A high-quality camera and a breathtaking landscape may be enough to open up the path for a career in photography. Travel bloggers, online and printed magazines and advertising agencies are just few of the possible employers who pay photographers for stunning pictures that can attract people’s attention and complement an article. The more time you devote in learning about, practicing and experimenting with photography the better your photos will become. 

Voice Actor

Have you got a nice voice? Have you got a professional microphone? If yes, then you have got what it takes to sign in agencies like Voquent and accept voice-over and narration job offers from all around the world. Visiting a country that you always wanted to go to for such a creative and fun job will make your trip even more memorable.

Photo Model

Being photogenic and knowing how to pose in front of a camera in a way that compliments your face and body can turn you into a popular photo model. Instagram has helped a lot of men and women to experiment with the way they look on camera and to be creative with their poses. It is your uniqueness and creativity in your poses that will make casting directors ask you to travel to different places in order to be in their photoshoots.

English Teacher Abroad

If you are a native English speaker or if you are an English teacher, you can apply for a teaching position at a school abroad. Countries where English isn’t the official language, such as China and Japan, offer teaching jobs at elementary schools to English speakers so that pupils have the best introduction to such a widely spoken but difficult language for them to learn.  

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