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Alexander and Bonin Gallery was formed in 1995 by Ted Bonin and Carolyn Alexander. The primary focus of the collaboration was to support and represent the work of mid-career, established, and emerging contemporary international visionaries. Since its opening, the Alexander and Bonin Gallery has established a reputation for maintaining a diverse and rigorous program. 

The gallery was located in Chelsea on 10th Avenue from 1997 until 2016, when it moved to Walker Street in Tribeca, but is currently located in Soho on Wooster Street. Though the final move was not a significant move geographically, it allowed the partners to accurately represent 22 artists specializing in many types of contemporary art. You’ll find everything from contemporary sculptures and paintings to videos in this gallery. 

When visiting Alexander and Bonin, you’ll find a wide array of artists, including Matthew Benedict, Jorge Macchi, Rita McBride, Willie Cole, and Paul Thek. And having been located in New York City since 1995, the Alexander and Bonin Gallery has hosted many unique exhibits over the years. Some of the most notable includes I am, I am? By Paul Thek, New Sculpture by Rita McBride, New Work by Willie Cole, and Drawing, Signs, and Beaux by Ree Morton. 

If you’re planning an upcoming visit, you may be able to expect to see exhibits such as Reality Clock by Paul Thek, but at this moment, they don’t have too many planned due to the current conditions surrounding the spread of COVID-19. So, you may find that the gallery only offers virtual exhibitions during your visit. The good news is that you can enjoy that from anywhere and have more time to see other parts of NYC!

Upcoming and Past Exhibits

  • No current exhibitions listed by today. But you check for current exhibitions the official website

What can you do after visiting Alexander and Bonin Gallery?

If you want to visit more art galleries, I recommend the Brooke Alexander Gallery, Eden Gallery, LIK Fine Art Soho or Jeffrey Deitch. If not, you can go to one of the many great restaurants in SoHo. Two of my favorites are Little Prince, Antique Garage and The Dutch, both a few blocks away.

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