Best Tourist Attractions in Australia

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No doubt, Australia is known to be a land of dreams. From the armchair travelers who depict the nation as their fantasy destination, to the consecrated legends of the Aboriginal Dreamtime (when the extraordinary spirits invoked the red deserts, rainforests, and coral reefs) – Australia merits all the hype.

The country is practically similar in size to the United States, however, it has a population the size of New York State. Australia has some of the quirkiest wildlife on earth. Read on to discover some of the most interesting tourist attractions and places to visit in Australia.

Top 4 Places You Should Visit in Australia

 There are numerous places to tour in Australia. However, here are the top four to begin with. Let’s take a look.

The Great Barrier Reef Marine Park

This amazing park is located in Queensland, Australia. If you visit Australia, you shouldn’t leave without seeing the Great Barrier Reef. This natural wonder is one of the biggest living structures on earth. It is so huge that you can view it from outer space. If you enjoy diving, nature, swimming,  or island aficionados, you would want to explore this location.

The Great Barrier Reef Marine Park was laid out in 1975 to safeguard its delicate ecosystems. These include 600 mainland islands, over 3,000 coral reefs; including the excellent Whitsunday bunch. Also, there were 300 coral cays, as well as mangrove islands.

Sydney Harbor Bridge

This attraction is located in New South Wales, Australia.  Transcending the harbor, the extension traverses five hundred meters, linking the North Shore of Sydney to the focal business district. Notwithstanding, the walker way, two rail route lines stretch out over the scaffold, and eight paths for road traffic. 

Tour the Melbourne’s Culture

Have you ever been to Victoria, Australia? A tour of the Melbourne Culture gives you an idea of how the people lived decades ago. Nevertheless, Melbourne is a big city in Australia. It is a famous stop on numerous Australian itineraries, particularly for culture vultures.  

On the Yarra River, some of the key attractions are the theaters, galleries, shops, restaurants, as well as the European feel. Also, it is a green city as it consists of gardens and parks. Not to mention, its open spaces involve close to 33% of its complete region.

Sydney Opera House

This amazing tourist destination is also located in New South Wales. More so, when you talk about Sydney, Australia, people will automatically link it to the Opera House. It’s that popular.

It was molded like immense shells or surging sails. The popular building graced the rundown of UNESCO World Heritage Sites. It also remains one of the best architectural symbols in the world. This is a perfect location!


Visiting any of these attractions in Australia will leave you with amazing experiences you will never forget. Happy adventure! Finally, you can also discover Canada and its alluring beauty after your trip to Australia. A credible travel agency will make your trip worthwhile.

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