How Much Does a Tour to Egypt Cost?

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Egypt has always bloomed into levels of prosperity, and the most prosperous industry out of all other industries in Egypt is tourism. In comparison to other industries in Egypt, the tourism industry makes it stand out the most not only economically, but also in terms of entertainment. Moreover, tourists from different cultures have always considered Egypt’s weather as a natural soother that helps them to lay back and chill, and for some travelers, it’s a way out from the freezing atmosphere that dominates their countries. Now, let’s have a look at how tourism in Egypt going:

 Tourism in Egypt is divided into two crucial seasons, that cannot get any more exquisite. You can find that, during those exact seasons, a state of tranquility takes the lead of the country’s atmosphere to make every traveler crave for more. There’re so many factories that help divide the tourism seasons in Egypt, from the weather conditions to the tour availability, all the way to the cost, which is illustrated as the following:

1. Situation of Easter Season in Egypt:

Easter, or Spring in Egypt, is one season when tourism in Egypt skyrockets, starting from Mid-February to late April. During Easter, Egypt gets dressed in a gown of warm vibes that show travelers how beauteous Egypt can get. It’s when loads of people feel the most joyful and fresh getting on a Nile Cruise to visit the so-many destinations located on each bank of the Nile River. It is in Easter when you need to hurry up booking your trip, maybe three-month prior, due to the number of travels that rush to be a part of Easter vibes.

2-Situation of Christmas Season in Egypt:

Christmas is the second generous season that has the tourism rate in Egypt at utmost bloom, beginning from early October up until late December or early January. One classy thing about Christmas is being the season of rich winter thrills that you won’t feel their coldness in Egypt, with the help of the Christmas’s out-of-this-world warm lights and the Egyptian’s heart-whelming hospitality. It’s a second season you’ll book your trip, as fast as possible, due to the large number of travelers that want to experience the warmness of the season.

After having a peek at the essence of the two main tourism seasons in Egypt, we shall draw attention to the other extra season of the year, which is:

3-Situation of Summer Season in Egypt

Summer starts from early May to late August, and although it’s not one of the most crucial seasons of tourism in Egypt, it’d no less breathtaking. It has people, globally, get head over heels for trying the coastal vibes it offers, in its refreshing cities, from Hurghada to Marsa Alam to El Gouna. The coastal cities have always been the most appealing for them during summer rather than the historical sites that tend to get hotter during summer. A Nile Cruise can be your most refreshing option that you’ll be tickled gently by the refreshing air surrounded by the Nile River.

4-The Cost and the Stay Duration

An extremely major factor to consider while planning out for your trip is paying attention to how long you want your Egypt vacation to extend. It’ll be of great help to decide how much you’ll be spending on your trip as you can have a one-day tour up to a 15-day tour. You always get the best of your trip by exploring the most magnificent historical dimensions in Egypt while visiting Aswan and Luxor cities. And each trip, of course, has its cost that differs from the other, which be illustrated in the following:

  • One-day to three- days Egypt tour: between 50$ to 400$.
  • Four-day Egypt tour: between 299$ and 699$.
  • Five-day Egypt tour: between 360$ and 1125$.
  • Six-day Egypt tour: between 499$ and 1065$. 
  • Seven-day Egypt tour: 750$ and 1550$.
  • Eight-day Egypt tour: 725$ and 1600$.
  • Nine-day Egypt tour: 999$ and 1775$.
  • Ten-day Egypt tour: 999$ and 1399$.
  • Eleven-day Egypt tour:1199$ and 1699$.
  • Twelve-day Egypt tour: 1250$ and 2050$.
  • Thirteen-day Egypt tour: 1399$ and 1600$.
  • Fourteen-day Egypt tour:1450$ and 2450$.
  • Fifteen-day Egypt tour: 1525$ and 1675$.

5-The Cost and the Trip Inclusions and Exclusions

Whatever travel agency you put your mind to booking with, the sure thing has a bunch of services that it pours its heart into providing. On the other hand, it’s possible for it to have some exclusions to be up to the tourist. For first-time travelers, they might be at a loss about what’s included in the trip and what’s not, to customize their budget regarding all aspects. So, through the next points, we’ll illustrate to you what could be included and what could not be during your trip, and how it can affect the trip cost:

6-The Cost and the Accommodation

One element that influences your trip, to a big extent, is the quality of your accommodation during the trip. You need to contemplate how much you intend to invest in your accommodation to make your plan less hectic and get the most comfortable during the trip.  A good trip starts from a good accommodation that’ll consider your first step towards endless fun and entertainment, so, the following points would make it easy for you to decide:

Nile River Cruises Costs in Egypt

Nile River Cruise is another source of limitless enthusiasm and uniqueness. They can get you on lots of unforgettable adventures strolling through Egypt’s most historical precious centers. You’ll find, that every step you take on a Nile Cruise, is followed by a new path of majesty. So, there are three 5* aesthetic Nile cruises in Egypt overall, each of which offers its singular services from how well equipped it’s to the food quality as well as the amenities. You can find them divided into the following:

The Standard Nile Cruise Costs Approximately 400$, Such as:

  • A Sara Nile Cruise.
  • Princess Sarah Nile Cruise.
  • LA Sara Nile Cruise.
  • Princess Sarah II Nile Cruise.

The Deluxe Nile Cruise Costs Between 400$ and 550$, Such as:

  • Al Hambra Nile Cruise.
  • MS Royal La Terrasse Nile Cruise.
  • Salima Nile Cruise.
  • Blue Shadow Nile Cruise.

The Luxury Nile Cruise costs between about 900$ and 1750 $, such as:

  • Luxury Oberoi Philae Nile Cruise.
  • Oberoi Zahra Luxury Nile Cruise.
  • Sanctuary Sun Boat III Luxury Nile Cruise.
  • Nebu Nile Cruise.
  • Hotels Prices in Egypt

Egypt has various hotels tucked away in every piece and corner of it, that can get your stay in Egypt as smooth as it can get. Not only does it have luxurious hotels, but also, it has other different types of accommodation such as motels and villas that’ll blow your mind away with their magnificence. So, to give you a bunch of decent options of hotels in Egypt, look up the following collections, that are divided based on how excellent their services are, and how much they cost:

  • Novotel Cairo El Borg  starting  from 150$
  • Steigenberger Hotel El Tahrir Cairo starting  from 110 $
  • InterContinental Cairo Semiramis, an IHG Hotel starting  from 190$
  • Cairo World Trade Center Hotel & Residences starting  from 190$
  • Kempinski Nile Hotel Garden City Cairo starting  from 160$
  • Sofitel Cairo Nile El Gezirah starting  from 210$
  • Fairmont Nile City Hotel, Cairo starting  from 220$
  • Ancient Sands Golf Resort and Residences starting  from 110$
  • Hilton Hurghada Plaza starting  from 140$
  • The Oberoi Beach Resort, Sahl Hasheesh starting  from 240$
  • Steigenberger Pure Lifestyle starting  from 210$
  • Jaz Aquaviva starting  from 220$
  • SUNRISE Crystal Bay Resort- Grand Select- starting  from 150$
  • Jaz Makadi Gardens (TUI BLUE Makadi Gardens) starting  from 230$
  • Jaz Makadina starting  from 240$

7-Restaurants Costs in Egypt

The more you get into your trip details, the more you find there’s a lot for you, as a traveler, to count in your trip budget.  Restaurants are an underestimated element that’s included in the trip. The Restaurants wherein you’ll have the meals that’ll make you live the adventure fully through tasting what cultural food they have to offer. Nestle in Egypt are types of restaurants based on the food quality and the services, sorted as the following:

  • Aqua Restaurant.
  • Tamarai Restaurant.
  • Abou El-Sid Restaurant.
  • Al-Azhar Chinese Restaurant.
  • Bua Khao Restaurant.
  • Arjeela Restaurant.

8-The Cost and the Transportation

The trip transition can be such a dilemma for the travelers to get past, including deciding what means of transportation they should go for. As a major part of your stay, the transition will be the gate that’ll get you, safely, to any destinations with utmost ease and safety. So, it needs to not slip your mind that the budget you decide for your trip transition will, for sure, get into the quality of your transition. However, you can transfer to Egypt with plenty of private decent high-class means, and every means has its own features and prices included within the tour.

9-Make Your Egypt Tour Accompanied With A Tour Guide

There’ll be included in your tour plenty of jaw-dropping monuments to visit, so, you need a guide that keeps you up-to-date with every monument you witness during your trip. Getting a guide for yourself will enhance the quality of your trip in such a magnificent way, moreover, it’ll be revealed to you what grand rare history Egypt has. You’ll find the possibility of having a tour guide will provide all elements of thrills that’ll get the best of the trip. That’s why you need to count a tour guide in when it comes to customizing your budget to cover all your trip aspects.

After knowing what main services are included in your trip, there are a number of other services that you need to count out during setting up the trip budget. You need to consider tips, your entry visa, as well as your personal costs, and the international airfare costs, alongside any extras that are not included in your program, out of your budget. This way, you’ll leave no room for any unexpected cost to get in your way and have a major effect on your trip. Nonetheless, you need to have extra cash on you in case of any emergencies.

10-The Cost and the Agency

All the mentioned services can be applied with full ease if you book your Egypt tour with a trustworthy agency. Choose the agency with the services and affordable costs that helped the agency to be promoted among travelers to the highest scale of trustworthiness. You also need to be aware that you’ll get the best deal booking this way rather than booking every service from the services mentioned above on its own. Further, booking with an agency will include a skilled guide, high luxury accommodation, private transfer, food quality, and elegant restaurants with other elite facilities of course.

Egypt Tours holds a golden hand out to add a touch of magic to your Egypt tour, giving you a breath of air to feel fresh and renew your energy. It got the privilege of being picked up as a company that customizes all its offers to go for travelers’ tastes, which is what gained the company fleets of appealing reviews. Among the reasons that made the company widespread among travelers, is being legitimately registered and its affordability and flexibility to fit the tourist budget. It offers them the utmost luxury at the most decent costs for Egypt vacation packages, Nile River cruises, Egypt day tours, and Egypt shore excursions.

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