How to Maintain Your Fitness Routine While Traveling

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If you’ve got an upcoming trip on your calendar, there are a number of things you’ll be doing to get prepared. You’ll need to book your airfare and rental car, pack your bags, and find just the right entertainment for the airplane ride. And, if you’ve got a fitness routine in place, you’ll want to find ways to continue that during your trip. Here’s how.

Keep Your Fitness Routine Simple

The easiest way to maintain your fitness routine while traveling is to keep things simple. No matter if there’s a hotel gym, minimal space in your hotel room, or no equipment, you’ll still be able to get in your workout. 

Focus on high-intensity, bodyweight exercises such as this 20-minute hotel-friendly workout. Equipment-free workouts can be just as effective as using weights or machines. As well, you can incorporate portable equipment such as bands into your travel routine. 

Find Active Sightseeing Nearby

Whether you’re traveling for work or fun, there’s always something to do in the location you’re visiting. You can find places to go for a walk, rent a bike, or try out some local hiking trails. Most places have active indoor or outdoor activities that you can participate in even as a visitor to the area.

And, if you want to take your fitness to the next level and have a little flexibility in your schedule, you might try something new while you’re traveling. Go canoeing, try a stand-up paddleboard, go rock climbing, or sign up for a local scooter tour. 

Work With an Online Fitness Instructor

If you want to build a fitness routine and stick to it no matter where you’re located, online personal training is worth the investment. When you work with an online personal trainer, you have access to them and your workout accountability buddy anywhere you are in the world. Personal trainers can customize your workouts to whatever equipment you have on hand or the amount of time and space you currently have.

Bring the Gear and Clothes You Need

If you want to maintain your workout habit while you’re traveling, the number one thing you can do to support yourself is to pack the gear you need. Make sure to prioritize space in your suitcase for your workout clothes, tennis shoes, and any equipment you might want or need.

Going on vacation or taking a work trip doesn’t mean that you’ll break your fitness habit. Instead, you just have to be ready to adapt. You can alter your fitness routine to include walks instead of workouts, find nearby hiking trails to get in your steps, or work with an online personal trainer who can create a hotel-friendly workout routine for you. No matter where you’re going, there’s a way to maintain your fitness habit and keep up those workouts.

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