Jaramy Eugene Wilson, Co-founder Of One Of The Fastest Growing Authority Publishing And Positioning Companies Sets A New Standard Using Modern Branding Psychology

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Jaramy Eugene Wilson, Co-founder Of One Of The Fastest Growing Authority Publishing And Positioning Companies, Sets New Standard Using Modern Branding Psychology

Wilson’s company, Shining Icon publishing, has the tools and resources needed to position you as the authority in your industry

Have you ever purchased a book, but never made the effort to flip past the first page and actually start reading it? As it turns out, you’re not alone. Did you know that over 80% of books and online courses never get opened? This urgent problem inspired the creation of an innovative publishing company called Shining Icon publishing.

According to esteemed entrepreneur Jaramy Eugene Wilson, the reason why people don’t follow through and read the books that they buy, all factors down to one thing, identity.  With more than 1.6 million books published each year, and a staggering 80% of them still waiting to be read, Wilson figured there must be something going on deeper that’s preventing individuals from taking action. He explains that when it comes to books, 80% never get opened and only 3% of books ever get completed.

“If you understand the psychology of why people don’t read books, or why people don’t continue to take action, it comes down to identity,” he says. Wilson shares that humans tend to make decisions based on the roles that they think they are playing. “For example, when someone decides to buy a book about sales, and they never read it, why do they still get better at sales?” he asks. “It’s because they bought a book and made a decision in their identity, and that activates the reticular activator center in the brain.”

As the serial entrepreneur and soul-scientist he is, Wilson tapped into his expertise in modern psychology to try and fix this calamity and disconnect between authors and their audiences. He and his partner Carson Jones created the “Iconic Identity Process.” The Iconic Identity Process is a proven method proprietary to Shining Icon, that positions authors as the authority in their industry. This process creates an identity that audiences can identify with, which will entice them to not only purchase a book, but read it from beginning to end.

Shining Icon creates paths for both authors and audiences to assume new identities in a rapidly changing marketplace, and Wilson says the process he uses creates a clear roadmap for authors to be able to acquire that identity for themselves. The company is there each step of the way to help authors achieve their goals, while also managing branding, PR, and social media engagement. Because let’s face it, many individuals have done the hard work of writing feature articles, filming podcasts, speaking on stages and publishing consistent content, but have somehow lacked the effective process or people to expose them to the right audience. 


Shining icon is the missing piece that connects authors to their desired audience and has the ability to make a book a Best Selling title. With a methodology rooted in science, the groundbreaking company helps prevent client’s books from getting stored away and collecting dust, like the vast majority of books on the market tend to do. If you are ready to become an icon in your industry, be sure to take the first step and complete the Shining Icon Book Quiz today.

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