8 Reasons Why Following Travel Accounts On Instagram Is A Good Idea

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The Internet has shrunk the world and made it more connected. People from all over the world may now communicate with people on the opposite side of the globe in seconds thanks to social media. Instagram users spend an average of 53 minutes each day on the platform, and it has a tremendous impact on our daily lives.

It inspires people to visit new areas they had no idea existed until they saw a snapshot on their newsfeed! We’re only a few clicks away from purchasing a ticket to go there after viewing a photograph on Instagram on the travel blogging accounts. Consumers are increasingly turning to social media for trip ideas. Many people even go to the trouble of recreating certain photographs or videos from their favorite Instagram accounts.  

A visitor can discover a new destination by simply searching for popular hashtags or geotags. Smaller cities or sites with less traffic have been able to broaden their audiences and attract more tourists than ever before.

Why Are Travel Accounts Popular On Instagram?

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Every industry’s marketing has been transformed by social media. The category of travel is no exception. Social media activities have become essential for today’s digital travelers, from investigating destinations to arranging vacations and sharing travels. Platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter are used by 73 percent of consumers to get trip ideas. In fact, more than half of respondents think Twitter aided them in deciding which travel brands to pursue.

Millennials, who are apparently the biggest spenders on vacations, are the most enthusiastic vacationers. This generation is distinct in that they rarely seek assistance from professional travel providers. In 2014, only 10% of millennials said they utilized travel brokers. So, who do they listen to for advice? Influencers on social media.

In fact, 40% of UK Millennial travelers admit that while planning their vacations, they think about how “Instagrammable” a location is; if it would look good on their Instagram feed and earn enough likes. As a result, the greatest way to identify that perfect ‘post-able’ vacation spot is now through social media.

If you happen to have a passion for traveling you can also try opening a travel account on Instagram. You can use Instagram Analytics to track your likes and shares and in the initial stage, you can also opt for buying a few Instagram likes to earn the trust of your followers.

Reasons Why Following Travel Accounts On Instagram Is A Good Idea

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As the importance of social media influencers grows and evolves, so does the number and types of partnerships that travel firms have with influencers to promote their products.

Travel companies are embracing influencers’ reach and power, from blockbuster campaigns including influencers with large followings to more tailored methods. Here are eight reasons why it’s a good idea to follow travel accounts on Instagram.

  1. Personal Experience And Helpful Tips

Influencers built a dedicated following by sharing personal tales, feelings, and life lessons with their followers. They also don’t hold back when it comes to photographing their vacations. Dave and Deb tell how traveling salvaged their once-stale marriage and revived their long-lost zest for life on The Planet D, which was named one of the top travel blogs by USA Today. 

Unlike meticulously crafted travel commercials, influencer-generated blogs or vlogs do not hide the less-than-fancy aspects of travels, such as money problems, packing difficulties, and safety concerns. These influencers deliver highly objective reviews while keeping their supporters’ best interests in mind. 

  1. Traveling Made Easy

Millennials plan, arrange, document, and share their vacations on social media in ways that previous generations did not. Millennials, on the other hand, want rapid verification and interaction from travel businesses because they have social media at their fingertips and instant access to infinite inspiration and information. 

They want to organize and interact with others digitally, and they demand far more immediate gratification. Communication must be as quick and frequent as social media posts.

Although millennials are less likely to pick up the phone and prefer to do everything online, it appears that they still desire human assistance if they get stuck on the road. Companies should explore a hybrid strategy, which allows clients to book with a single click while also allowing them to contact a concierge service at any moment in the event of last-minute delays or communication breakdowns. This is when social media networks like Instagram come in handy.

  1. Adds Twists To Your Travel Guide

Traveling is as much about seeing new places as it is about getting a taste of diverse cultures. Some people yearn for elegant and restful vacations, while others want to discover nature’s beauties and test their limits with extreme activities, while yet others want to learn about indigenous cultures. 

Influencers can easily change the perspective of a person about any travel destination, hence changing twists to their travel guide. For instance, if you have only known a travel destination to be of historical interest but that doesn’t allure you much, you can easily find an influencer who will present that same destination as a fashion destination. Now you might rethink your choice of visiting that place.

  1. Instagram Popularity

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When it comes to travel, 97 percent of millennials say they share photos from their trip on social media, and with over one billion monthly active users, Instagram clearly has the power to influence how we travel. According to a survey done on Instagram, the platform is the preferred social media channel for 48 percent of consumers looking to plan their next vacation. 

Instagram is used by 35% of them to acquire ideas and learn about new areas. Instagram’s clutter-free interface puts an emphasis on photographs like no other social media platform before it. Instagram has a significant impact on its users’ purchase decisions.

Instagram outperforms the competition when it comes to engagement rates when compared to other social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter. Instagram has a 2.3 percent engagement rate per follower, while Facebook only has a 0.2 percent engagement rate per follower. Instagram users interact with content at a significantly higher rate than on any other site, like, commenting, and sharing it. 

  1. Attractive Storytelling

Instagram’s key strength is that it is a powerful visual and incredibly mobile social media medium that provides travelers with the essentials for great storytelling, making it simple to talk about a destination’s heritage and culture on the spur of the moment. Why do users flock to Instagram for impromptu interactions? 

Because those who can articulate themselves, explain their lives graphically, and engage people with tales, emotions, and unique insights are more likely to be discussed. This is where Instagram’s true value and strength lie. 

While places and the concept of hospitality have remained the same, the modern traveler has evolved. Travelers’ perspectives on a destination, as well as the means they use to express their experiences, have shifted dramatically.

  1. Get Hold of The Lastest Travel Trend

Influencers guide their followers on interesting life excursions, from travel recommendations to restaurant recommendations. They are able to turn normally mundane items into the latest trends with a few entertaining comments and skillfully created pictures. 

It may be a photo of a hotel lobby, a local boutique store in your town, or a difficult-to-find picturesque site. However, with the geo-tagging features of platforms like Instagram, their followers would be able to identify where these photos were taken and begin studying these locations. 

  1. Trustworthy

Traveling agencies spend a lot of money on advertising which gets them noticed, but it won’t always transfer into buy intents. People nowadays, particularly millennials, are becoming increasingly wary of commercials that are deceptive or exaggerated.

Influencers, on the other hand, can provide you with the necessary information based on their personal experience. When you see travel influencers publishing trip ideas on social media from all over the world, you’ll almost surely believe their advice over random information obtained online.

  1. Collaborations with Big Travel Companies 

According to a survey conducted by market intelligence firm Morning Consult, 63 percent of respondents said they plan to engage with travel influencer material today more than ever before Covid.

Most travel companies have utilized social media as a pure marketing tool to drive visitors to their website or mobile app up until now. However, as technology advances, social media is becoming a dedicated distribution network for travel companies, allowing for integrated payments without the need to download an additional app or be sent to a different page.


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Social media has obviously transformed the way we travel with the development of mobile apps like Facebook and Instagram. Instagram has become a big influence for many young people particularly as it relates to planning the perfect vacation. Everyone wants to come home with a photo album full of beautiful and ‘instagrammable’ photos to commemorate their trip.

Many areas have seen an increase in tourism as a result of captivating Instagram photos, which can aid local economies by giving additional employment and earnings.

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