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Shopping in New York can be very exciting for people into fashion and lifestyle trends. You’ll be able to find everything here in NYC. The downside is that it can be very expensive. Not a lot of people are aware of this, but there’s this thing called a sample sale. NYC sample sales are probably the best way to get your designer brand pieces at a much lower price. In this article, we’ll briefly explain how you can find these sales and finesse through the actual sale itself.

How to Find NYC Sample Sales

NYC Sample Sales

Most sample sales are pretty easy to discover. There’s a bunch of websites that show you which brands/designers will have sample sales. However, there are certain ones where it’s more exclusive and you actually need to be invited. We’ll focus on the easier ones. One website we love to use is called Chic Mi. They do a really great job of updating their site and inform people of sample sales currently going on and also upcoming NYC sample sales. It’s definitely something to keep your eye on when you plan your trip to NYC.

Why Are the Prices Really Low?

You must be wondering why these prices are really low. A lot of the pieces being sold is considered “dead stock” or out of season and the brand needs to get rid of inventory fast. It’s financially cheaper for brands to get rid of clothing by selling them at lower prices than it is to continuously pay for storage at their warehouses. There’s nothing wrong with the clothing. However, there could be some pieces that have defects but that’s usually noted on the garment. Also, you can find really unique pieces. Before each collection, brands create a bunch of samples but only mass produce a few styles to the mainstream market. Those sample pieces sometimes end up in sample sales and you could potentially end up being an owner of a piece that no one else will have.

What to Expect at NYC Sample Sales

Before attending a sample sale, keep in mind that they might not have your size. Also, 99.9 percent of the time, the products are sold “as is”and you may not exchange or return items once you make your purchase. So please, DO NOT be that person that tries to return or exchange something. Make sure the item is what you want and if the venue has a fitting room, make sure to try the clothes on before buying it. If a huge brand/designer is having a sample sale, there will be, 100 percent of the time, a long line. Make sure to get there as early as possible if you want the best deals and pieces. With having said all of that, enjoy the sample sale, take your time looking at the pieces (if there isn’t a time limit) so you pick the right ones out.

Happy Shopping!

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