Salon De Ning In The Peninsula Hotel

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Salon de Ning has found its home in The Peninsula Hotel, and more specifically on the 23rd floor. This bar includes an indoor area, as well as two different outdoor terraces to choose from. All three of these areas are decorated with a chic, and modern style. There are lots of light colors, plants to liven up the area, and comfy looking furniture to relax on. And, since Salon de Ning is on the 23rd floor, you can only imagine the skyline views from the terraces! The bar is essentially surrounded by gorgeous skyscrapers and views, and you can see much of 5th Avenue from here.

They’re said to have “world class cocktails” here; both classic and signature varieties. So there are plenty of options to choose from. And of course, if cocktails aren’t your thing then you can rest easy. There are other alcohol options as well. But of all this comes a price, and Salon de Ning’s are fairly high. Cocktails cost almost $25 each, beers run around $13, and wine can be anywhere from $20-33 per glass. So it’s definitely one of the pricier establishments on this list.

When is Salon de Ning open?

It is open all year round, as an added bonus.

Where is Salon de Ning located?

The address of the Salon de Ning is 700 5th Avenue in New York City’s Midtown Manhattan. 5 Avenue – 53 St Station is the nearest subway station which you can reach with the lines E and M.

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