The 8 Absolute Best Bars in Park Slope

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Park Slope is a lively neighborhood in Brooklyn and in addition to some excellent restaurants and cafés, there are also some really good bars where you can round off the evening. Known for its vibrant nightlife and cozy hangouts, Park Slope offers a variety of bars and pubs for every taste and occasion.

From trendy cocktail bars to traditional pubs, there’s something for everyone here. In this article, you’ll find a few of the best bars in Park Slope to help you have an unforgettable night out in Brooklyn. You should also check out our article about the best things to do in Park Slope!

These are our favorite Bars in Park Slope

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    American Cheez

    Bar in Park Slope


    If you’re looking for a solid neighborhood pub in Park Slope with an unbeatable combo of delicious pizza and local beer, you’ll find it at American Cheez. The rock music in the background goes well with this, but you can still have a really good conversation. There are lots of young guests from the neighborhood, the atmosphere is relaxed and friendly, and the decor and the many posters on the wall make the room feel cozy. It feels a bit like a rock pub from the 80s. And the garlic knots (garlic rolls) are a hit!

  2. 02


    Bar in Park Slope


    In our opinion, this is one of the best wine bars in Park Slope. The wine list is extensive and if you need help deciding, you will receive competent and friendly advice. The atmosphere is relaxed and you can have a good conversation, whether as a group, on a date, or alone with a book at the bar. As soon as it gets warmer, there are also places to sit in the pretty back courtyard among the flowers and atmospheric lighting. Be sure to try the homemade mac and cheese. The charcuterie boards are also popular.

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    Bar in Park Slope


    A really nice location with a large selection of beers. The service is very good and there is a great patio which is open when the weather is good.

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    Parish Cocktail Bar

    Bar in Park Slope


    The Parish Cocktail Bar is a relaxed spot where you are guaranteed to be among real New Yorkers. Great cocktails and cool music make this bar a real highlight.

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    Saint Eves Cocktail Bar

    Bar in Park Slope


    Take a row of chic brownstones in Brooklyn and imagine a Parisian bar next to it: Green-framed windows, gold handles on the door, red curtains, and strings of light bulbs outside on the sidewalk. The furnishings are elegant, while the upholstered seats are reminiscent of an American diner. A great, quiet atmosphere in which to enjoy a good meal. There is a covered terrace on the other side. Sitting outside on this chic side street in summer and sipping a cocktail is a dream. Pure romance. A Park Slope gem that doesn’t accept reservations, but isn’t that crowded either.

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    The Double Windsor

    Bar in Park Slope


    A pub popular with locals, based on Irish pubs, where friends and neighbors come together – that’s the Double Windsor in Park Slope, where you can sometimes share a communal table with strangers. There’s always something going on here. The ambiance is warm and cozy, the atmosphere is good, the drinks too and the food is almost even better. The term “bar food” hardly does justice to the regional, seasonal dishes, according to many. So don’t hesitate to try the daily changing specials. The location is perfect, right at the entrance to Prospect Park and close to the Nitehawk Cinema.

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    The North Pole Pub

    Bar in Park Slope


    The North Pole Pub scores with fair beer prices and its proximity to the Barclays Center. A quick beer before the Nets game? A drink after a concert? This bar in Brooklyn is perfect for that, conveniently located between several subway stops. The beer and shot combos are also popular. If you’re in the neighborhood, you should definitely stop in. Solid pub! 

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    Union Hall

    Bar in Park Slope


    This is a cool bar in Park Slope with bocce courts and comedy shows, karaoke parties, and live music in the evenings in the basement. In the afternoon, you’ll have plenty of room for a draught beer at the bar or a cozy drink on one of the leather sofas. It gets more crowded in the evening. If you fancy a party atmosphere, you should come at the weekend. Friday and Saturday are the busiest days. Union Hall is a hip spot in Brooklyn. We haven’t tried the food yet, but you can’t go wrong with the draft beers and drinks. Our favorite drinks are The Big Apple and The Brooklyn.

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