The 10 Absolute Best Cafés in Park Slope Brooklyn

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In the charming Park Slope neighborhood of Brooklyn, New York City, there are plenty of cafés offering unique and delicious coffee creations. From cozy nooks to stylish hangouts, there’s a café to suit every taste and mood. Whether you’re looking for a perfect spot for a relaxing morning coffee or a trendy café to work in, Park Slope has something for everyone.

In this article, we’ll show you some of the best cafés in Park Slope that stand out with their ambiance, specialties, and commitment to quality and service. Join us in the world of coffee and discover the diversity and flavors of this bustling NYC neighborhood.

These are our favorite Cafès in Park Slope

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    Café Regular

    Café in Park Slope

    coffee and cold brew

    Café Regular could also serve as a movie set. For the scene with the morning coffee and a newspaper at a tiny table. If you’re lucky, you’ll get a seat by the window, where you can curl up on red leather cushions and read. Because reading material is free here. Small, colorful, out of time, located in a side street, the café is popular with the locals. As the name suggests, many “regulars” come here. They, in turn, feel reminded of Europe here. One of the best cafés in Park Slope with good pastries that often sell out quickly.

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    Brew Memories

    Café in Park Slope


    Although unassuming from the outside, the interior is warm and modern with a seating area where people open their laptops and friends meet up for a coffee. Brew Memories has a large selection of drinks: hot coffee, iced coffee, various lattes, fruit teas, and more. The bubble teas are popular with the locals. Served with a fried buttermilk chicken burger or a banh mi sandwich – delicious! You would never guess that the cuisine has an Asian touch. But there are also cookies and muffins. For us, this is one of the best cafés in Park Slope.

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    Velvette Brew

    Café in Park Slope


    The large mural on the outside wall shows a woman sipping her coffee with relish. And yes, the coffee here is really good, especially the extra creamy “The Velvette”. For many neighbors in Park Slope, the Velvette Brew is the first stop in the morning. Located right on busy 5th Avenue, it’s quite large and bright with floor-to-ceiling windows. It’s a good café to take a short break and fortify yourself, for example with a spinach quiche or a salad.

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    Couleur Café

    Café in Park Slope


    The Couleur Café is not only a café, but also a bistro and wine bar, so you can come for breakfast, lunch, and dinner (until 6 pm). Accordingly, there is an extensive French-inspired menu and a wide selection of drinks from tea, coffee, espresso drinks, and wine to cocktails and beer. The décor is rustic with mixed chairs and worn wooden tables. France paired with old-school Brooklyn. This mix makes Couleur Café one of the best in Park Slope.

  5. 05


    Café in South Slope


    If you’re strolling through Park Slope, you won’t want to miss out on Winner. Though they are renowned for their irresistible baked goods and breakfast sandwiches, their malted chocolate chip cookies are also legendary. And despite the long lines over the weekend, the good news is that their delectable brunch is served daily from 7 am! 

    Be sure to keep an eye on their ever-changing menu, and if you spot the breakfast sandwich on a croissant, don’t hesitate to order it! The other thing that makes Winner stand out is that they have a window for ordering, which makes it a perfect stop if you’re on a walk with your dog. And did I mention that their exceptional offerings earned them a Michelin star? This is truly a must-visit in Brooklyn!

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    Postmark Café

    Café in Park Slope


    This café is also popular with neighbors in Park Slope: for a quick coffee to go, there is a window facing the street where you can buy coffee, pastries, and bagels to go. The atmosphere is relaxed, if only because of its location on a side street off 5th Avenue. There are a few seats in the small indoor area and outside – with a view of colorful brownstone houses. The best thing about this coffee shop: 100 percent of the tips go to charitable organizations and projects in Park Slope, New York, and around the world.

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    Cafè Grumpy (Park Slope)

    Café in Park Slope

    Cafe Grumpy

    Established in 2005, Café Grumpy came with a vision of serving exceptional specialty coffee in a warm atmosphere. From their first location in Greenpoint to their current eleven outlets, they’ve remained hands-on and committed to excellence. They aim to spread happiness through coffee and create an inclusive work environment. They value diversity and strive for equality, welcoming applicants from all backgrounds. Locals love getting their coffee here in the morning. It’s a small place but if you’re lucky you can sit at a window table and watch people while sipping your coffee.

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    Variety Coffee

    Café in Park Slope


    Variety Coffee opened its first café in Williamsburg in 2008. Just one year later, the second location was opened in Greenpoint. There are now nine locations and since 2014 they have also been roasting their own coffee to better control the quality. The menu is designed to reflect the different seasons of the various coffee-growing regions and they put great emphasis on the freshness of the coffee.  The café is comfortably furnished and offers coffee specialties as well as a few pastries, so you can come here for breakfast.

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    Four & Twenty Blackbirds

    Café in Park Slope


    Fancy a nice piece of pie? The Blackbirds have a great range of homemade delicacies – always fresh and creative. Here you get probably the best pies.

  10. 10

    Everyman Espresso Damn Fine Coffee

    Café in Park Slope


    If you are looking for first class coffee in Park Slope, you have come to the right place. Because – as the name suggests – the coffee here is damn good!

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