The Sky’s The Limit For Kyler Miles

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Founder of Making It Happen Productions, Kyler Miles, has an uplifting podcast for entrepreneurs to gain insight into how they can grow their business online. In regard to his accomplishments, there is no limit to how far Miles will go in order to achieve what he wants.

Kyler Miles, founder of Making It Happen Productions, specializes in helping entrepreneurs grow their businesses and influence online through the power of video. Through the use of mediums such as Youtube videos, courses, live-streams, and short-form videos, Miles is an avid content creator with a drive to make a difference in the lives of others. Content can also be seen on his Instagram.  

As seen through his successes, Miles has always had a passion for storytelling. “Storytelling has been around for ages, and that’s how we learn these fundamentals. We all watch movies and listen to stories all the time. There’s just different forms of it,” Miles says. Being able to help others tell their story and articulate it in a meaningful way has steadily become his passion. “When you do something you absolutely love, meaning you can wake up every single day and you don’t mind doing it or you get to do it, you will put your energy and the hardest work into whatever that thing is that you love. You will make money off it, because you love it.” 

In addition to running Making It Happen Productions, Miles has his own podcast by the name of Making It Happen: Journey of An Entrepreneur, which specializes in helping entrepreneurs from around the world Make It Happen online. Breaking down the stories, strategies and tactics successful entrepreneurs use to build their business and grow influence online. Miles, being a self-taught entrepreneur without any prior knowledge of the world of business, worked hard to learn and create his business so he could set himself up for success. “I don’t want to pretend like I know all the answers to entrepreneurship. I do not, and so I connect with people smarter than I, and they tell me their Making It Happen journey,” he says. As mentioned previously, Miles’ journey through entrepreneurship, such as learning everything along the way, fueled his drive for creating the #MakingItHappen Podcast in order for others in the same position he once was to gain the help they need, all the while gaining his own knowledge through the stories and experiences of others. 

The #MakingItHappen Podcast is meaningful in more ways than one. To Miles himself, the meaning behind the name has been something that has stuck around him since childhood. “The phrase “Making It Happen” was something that my parents instilled in me since I was young,” he reflects. Facing hardships through his developmental years and overcoming those obstacles, “Making It Happen” has been prevalent throughout Miles’ life and now in his career. “I built this whole new career with no formal education in marketing, video production or podcasting and grew my business with nothing but my bare hands and a dedication to succeed.” Through this podcast, Miles wishes to help other entrepreneurs and fellow creatives ‘Make It Happen’ just as he did with himself.

When asked about his goals for his podcast, he gave two answers. In the short term, Miles spoke about wanting to help brands, entrepreneurs and creatives grow their business online, sharing valuable knowledge and tactics for improving their video content, in order to reach their goals. “I started that goal when I was first learning videography and I just wanted to reach it because at the time podcasts were not getting many views,” he says. Now, he recognizes his long-term goals as making an impact. Along with wanting to have his podcast be heard by listeners, he wants his words to resonate and influence them to go out and make it happen. “In the long run, I want to help future entrepreneurs, creatives and passion-driven individuals make it happen in their life. Whether that’s starting a business, pursuing a dream job or creating their ideal life, I want to help them make their dreams happen.”

Kyler Miles is the founder of Making It Happen Productions, which was created to help entrepreneurs grow their businesses and influence online through the power of video. 

If you’re looking to Make It Happen online, go give a listen to Kyler Miles’ podcast, available on all streaming platforms.

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