Things to Consider When Buying Caravan Covers

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Campers can go anywhere with a caravan. It can be a place of rest that keeps everyone safe and bringing all the stuff needed for the trip is also possible.  It is safe to say that caravans are vulnerable to changing weather. That being said, buying a caravan cover is necessary to prolong its lifespan. It will protect the vehicle from dirt, sun exposure, and even possible vandalism. You can store the caravan in your garage for a long time with the help of a quality cover. 

The market offers a specific cover for each type of caravan. In this post, you will learn many kinds of caravan covers and their benefits to help you decide which to buy. 

Three Types of Caravan Covers 

Caravans would benefit a lot with the right cover design. Your garage may not be enough to secure the vehicle as there are some other factors you must consider in storing RVs. These include the suited materials and size of the cover that should match your caravan model. 

For instance, standard covers designed for caravans are usually breathable and snug-fitting which is vital to protect the van from scratches and dents. Later on, you will better understand how to get the correct size of cover for your caravan not to put on a guessing game. 

Below is additional caravan covers that you can choose from and are affordable for you:

  1. Pop-Top Caravan Cover 

This type of caravan cover is made for easy access. Getting an item inside the vehicle can be a hassle without removing the cover but that is not true with pop-top covers. It is built with zippers that you may open and close anytime you need to grab or put something in the vehicle. 

Moreover, this caravan cover helps to maintain cleanliness in and out of the vehicle. It safeguards the outer surface against dirt and the interior from mold and mildew. Any impairments to the paintwork due to sun exposure will be avoided as well making the cover a great buy. 

  1. Motorhome Cover 

The motorhome is a type of caravan that cannot last long in cold weather. It demands the use of a special sort of cover during storage to preserve its quality performance. This vehicle has metallic surfaces and extreme weather can trigger corrosion but the right cover is enough solution. It seals the parts that are vulnerable to rust and UV rays. The cost of motorhome cover is much lesser than the other types of cover. 

  1. RV Cover 

This cover offers different levels of protection for RVs. Its main purpose is to secure caravans from UV rays that could trigger paint to easily fade. It is made of various materials and is waterproof for better protection. The price of the cover varies according to the vehicle’s model and size. 

Important Features

While caravan covers come in different types, it is crucial to know what features to look for when making a selection. These include:

  1. Cost

Most covers sold at a lower price are likewise made of low-quality materials, but not all. Sometimes the cost reflects on the materials used. To determine if it is a worthy purchase, ask questions. Will it be effective to protect caravans from harmful circumstances? Choose an item that is well-suited to your budget, as well as your particular needs. 

  1. Breathability

Caravan covers without breathable features may trigger mold growth. The major cause of mold is moisture that is stuck in the vehicle for a long time, and this is possible during storage. Look for a cover designed with breathable material to preserve your caravan’s wellbeing. 

  1. Water-resistant 

This feature will vary in different types of caravan cover and on the materials used. For instance, covers made of plastic are not a good choice for specific vehicles, such as motorhomes and caravans. They might cause dampness on the vehicle’s exterior when there is heavy rain. The best materials to consider are vinyl, nylon, and polyethylene which can provide a better shield against harsh elements. 

  1. Scratch-Free

Some caravan owners tend to use tarpaulins instead of a real cover which could lead to severe damages to the vehicle’s surface. The only remedy is to buy a cover made of lightweight and gentle materials. Make sure to put in the cover snug-fitting, especially on areas prone to scratches, like windows and mirrors. 

Measuring the Cover Size 

Start by measuring the caravan’s length. It is a wise decision to add up to 15cm to be more accurate in the fitting process. Each dimension of the caravan shall be gauged as well to guarantee that the cover will fit properly. Then again, achieve a snug-fit size of cover for your caravan to easily make adjustments if needed. 

Other factors to consider when getting the size of your caravan cover include the windows, antennas, and roof vents. 

Where to Buy Caravan Covers?

The fact is, you can buy caravan covers in a wider market nowadays. They offer a range of quality covers that are most suitable to specific caravan models and sizes. First, you must find out the size of the caravan and the type of cover it will be fitted. Keep in mind the said features that will deliver the best level of protection for your vehicle. If it is your first-time buying caravan accessories, like a cover, it might be challenging to handpick the correct item. Hence, contact an expert on caravan covers to assist you in making decisions to obtain the right cover for your needs and budget. 

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