Travel to The Virgin Islands During Covid

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*Please see current guidelines and recommendations at the USVI Travel Portal Website


1. You must wear a face mask.

2. The CDC recommends travelers to wash their hands directly before and after completing the security screening process and that you place personal items such as wallets, keys or phones in your carry-on property that will be screened through the X-ray system. You may wear a face mask during the screening process, but a TSA officer may ask the traveler to adjust the face covering at any point during the screening process.

3. TSA is consolidating its screening operations to adjust for reduced flight and passenger volumes, so some security checkpoints may close as a result, resulting in longer wait times. 

4.TSA has implemented procedures to increase social distancing and reduce direct contact between their employees and the traveling public whenever possible.

5. You are allowed to travel with a 12 oz bottle of liquid hand sanitizer in your carryon but it will be screened separately like other liquids.

6. TSA’s frontline employees are to conduct routine cleaning and disinfecting of frequently touched surfaces and security screening equipment at the TSA security checkpoint. Other steps to make the security process safer include using a fresh pair of gloves upon passenger’s request, and using new Explosives Trace Detection swabs for each person.

FLIGHT: You will be required to wear a face covering during flight so be prepared. Although airlines are taking measures to disinfect and sanitize the aircraft prior to your boarding, we recommend personally sanitizing your tray table, armrests, etc. with a wipe or spray. And of course, wash your hands after you visit the restroom.


Please wear your face covering. Once you exit the plane, you will have your temperature checked and be asked a series of questions. After gathering your luggage at baggage claim, we highly recommend sanitizing baggage handles and washing/sanitizing your hands when leaving the airport.


-Social distancing is expected everywhere, so please do not gather in groups larger than 10 persons and stay at least 10 feet away from other groups.

-Businesses may have a no mask/no service policy, including safari buses and ferries. 

-Restaurants and bars… when you enter and exit the establishment, please wear a facial covering. Once seated you may remove it.  If you go to the restroom, please wear your facial covering.  Tables larger than 6 guests are not allowed. 

-Everyone is doing their part in exercising more stringent cleaning and sanitizing procedures, whether it be in a business, grocery store, restaurant/bar, rental property, etc.

-Please be respectful of these policies and be kind to others during these sensitive times. Please travel responsibly, at your own risk, and with caution given the current COVID situation.

We hope you are ready to sit back, relax, and enjoy everything St. Thomas has to offer… from our spectacular white sand beaches with clear turquoise waters, to our incredible diving/snorkeling, boating, fishing, etc.

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