Best Countries to visit from America? and Why?

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One of the strange feeling travelling as an American is-the highlighted sense of American-ness. Any accent you choose, to guess where you are from like California, Texas, or Georgia, there is no need to explain where the Miami is. It would be enough for you to tell that you are from the most popular country in the world. The fact is, you are already blessed with solid tone, language, culture, as well as currency making you different all around the globe. If you are an American, you must visit some of the best countries once in a life. Let’s know which are these and why you must add them in your bucket list.

UAE – United Arab Emirates

There is no shortage of reasons why you must visit the UAE. UAE- a small country located in the Persian Golf is the home to record-breaking buildings. Americans will see a novelty and mixture of traditions that is rarely found in other countries. However, the significant reason to add UAE in a travel destination is found in each of its Emirates. 

UAE offers the quality infrastructure making it a point of honor in order to offer the best to visitors.  It’s fascinating to know that UAE is the paradise for all types of activities for all ages. Whatever the desires are, you’ll inevitably find a lot of fun to make your day. The UAE is the hub of exceptional places where luxury establishments are legion. Whether its amusement parks, beaches, hotels, luxury shopping malls, or extraordinary tourist activities. 

Everyone had heard about Dubai, for many it’s the main reason to visit UAE. From the tallest building in the world to its gold market and old spice- Dubai city truly has it all. Those who want to immerse themselves in the balance of modernity and religious culture, Dubai is an ideal destination.  The tourists love shop at the biggest shopping mall in the world, yacht rental Dubai, only 7-star hotel on the earth, visit mosques to get a better grasp of a city. 

As the world is promoting healthy and nutritious food, UAE is using great advantage of it. The best thing is, there are numerous healthy restaurants in Dubai offering English food with vegan options. However, if you want to get more hospitality, UAE hotels are top example of it. Restaurants allow the visitors to enjoy exceptional flavor as well as hotels are offerings stylish accommodations according to your need or budget. It’s just a start what this country offers to the American and the rest of the world.


Australian are famous in welcoming the Americans they call Yanks. They appreciate as well as rib you over know how armor players wear the spare pads. The most interesting thing about Australians is, if you want a date there, your exposure to American manner will goes along with the women. However, one of the significant reasons to visit Australia for American is, hospitality and love flows their blood. They are chill and friendly that you can’t spend ten minutes without meeting a new friend. 

If you are visiting Australia, never miss to drive Great Ocean Road, a 150-mile road. It’ll be one of your epic coastal road trips in a life. Book your trip with stunning art themes in Melbourne. During your drive, a tale between crusty pub imaginations and Californian’s route 1 is unforgettable. If we talk about Sydney, you’ll fell in love it sun- bleached Brisbane. Australia is full of surprises and it must be in your bucket list of the best countries to visit especially for the Americans.


According to the survey, it has been estimated that only 36% or Japanese think- American are loyal and honest. However, in terms of tour diaries, Japanese are very kind and patient towards Americans. It is fascinating to know that; you’ll find little bit American culture adopted across the Japan. You’ll find the sound of Brad Paisley in their clubs as well as American foods are quite popular too. On Christmas, Japanese families is- grabbing a bucket of KFC. However, one of the vital reasons to visit Tokyo, Japan is its greatest food. There is so much to explore like its countryside, mountains, beaches, and much more.


If you want to visit Italy, you should know about Italian culture and the best places to visit in Italy. Italy has four thousand museums and they are worth visiting. Italian cultural places and sites give a heartwarming feeling. Especially shopping from Italy is an amazing experience. Italians are supposed to be stylish people because most of them like to wear quality products with an Italian touch. So you will find stylish clothes along with elegancy, Whether it’s about clothes or shoes. Italy plays a very important role in the fashion industry around the globe. That is why Italy is supposed to be the second-largest role player in the fashion industry. Most people like to visit Italy for shopping and tourism. Italy has many interesting cultural sites to visit. There are no two opinions that Italy has some best places to visit. Italy is also preferred for film shooting due to the beauty of Italy.


Ireland is very famous for tourism. People enjoy road trips. Seafood is also very famous in Ireland. No one can resist visiting Ireland due to the beauty of green mountains and mesmerizing seaside. Tourists enjoy hiking in the mountains and the lovely sight of the Atlantic ocean from the west. 

Ireland is not only famous due to the beautiful sites. But people also like the festivals of the Irish. They celebrate festivals in September and October. Their history is interesting and tourists enjoy their festivals. They enjoy their traditional music which fascinates the tourists. Ireland is also famous for shipping and fishing, tourists enjoy fishing, hiking, and camping.

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