Traveling in America: best places for solo travelers

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Have you recently shifted to America? Was it a smooth experience? Now that you are in the great lands, it is time to be adventurous right at the start of your new life. Just as you get your belongings from the best moving companies in Queens you worked with, you can unpack and settle before you start exploring the world. Do you have all the right to explore the cities and learn about their culture? Well, America has different states and cities that offer various places to visit, sightsee, explore and know about its architecture & history. Many times, people who’re traveling solo hesitate while planning their trip.

But, some best places in America are perfect for the solo sightseer. Let’s check them out discreetly to know more:


Many people hesitate when it comes to traveling solo. But, Chicago is a place that is suitable even if you’re alone and don’t have any companion with you. This is because of the numerous sightseeing places that Chicago offers. Right from restaurants to history, there’s a long list of things that one can explore when in Chicago.

Along with this, all of its tourist attractions are well-connected with public transportation which makes it easy for a solo traveler to go anywhere. Whether you want a ride share or a taxi, you’ll get every mode of transportation.

What you can do as a solo sightseer in Chicago? Well, Chicago is completely safe if you’re traveling alone. Its incredible nightlife also entices those who are traveling solo and want to experience something new and interesting. There’s an availability of good hotels around the major tourist attraction. Cloud gate, Millennium Park, Museum of Science and Industry, and field museum are some of the most sought-after places in Chicago.


Another best place to visit as a solo tourist is Philadelphia as it is safe and has many places to explore. The good thing is that it’s appropriate and safe for women travelers. Known as one of the cheapest places in the USA, Philadelphia is surrounded by various tourist attractions that are connected with every public transport mode.

As a solo tourist, one can visit and explore the beauty of The Rocky Statue and the Rocky Steps which are considered the most popular attractions in Philadelphia. This is one of the places in Philadelphia to get beautiful pictures and selfies.

The subway transportation makes it easier for any traveler to reach different places in no time. If you’re an art enthusiast then you must plan your visit to the Philadelphia Museum of Art. Here, you can spend hours seeing the famous paintings by some popular painters such as Picasso and Van Gogh. You can also take a guide at the Independence Hall to know more about the history. 


Florida is a place that will never leave you alone. It has mesmerizing beaches, amusement parks, cafes, restaurants, tourist places, and national parks that attract thousands of sightseers every day. Even if you’re traveling alone to Florida, you’ll get numerous options of tourist attractions.

Florida doesn’t have wide roads in the interior locations which makes it easy for solo tourists to walk with ease or rent a bike. It’s a fun place where you will get to interact with people from all over the globe. 

For adventure enthusiasts, sunset sailings are the best activity to do when in Miami, Florida. To get an amazing amusement park experience, you must include Walt Disney in your list. Also, you can visit SeaWorld and Dry Tortugas National Park.


Another best place in the USA that you can include in your travel list as a solo sightseer is Queens. Right from parks to the brewery, there are many places that one can explore when they visit Queens. Flushing Meadows Corona Park is also an ideal place for bicycle paths, a carousel, Queens’s wildlife conservation center indoor and ice-skating rink.

In Queens, trains are the best options that will let you connect with different cities and towns. No matter whether you’re in a group or traveling solo, Queens has something for everyone.

To sum up

Those who’ve recently relocated to America solo might feel alone during the initial phase of settling. But, the good thing is that there are numerous interesting places that one can explore as a solo traveler. Some of the places in America that offers the best experience to solo sightseer are mentioned above.

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