Where To Go For Smithsonian Museum Day in NYC

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New York City has an incredible number of great museums, ranking among the best cities in the world to visit to take in history, art, culture, and more. So what could be even better as a visitor to NYC than access to all of these world-class museums?

Getting to access them for free!

On Smithsonian Museum Day in NYC, that’s exactly what happens. Today, we’re sharing all the must-know information about this yearly event so you can make the most of your time in New York.

My tip: this is the complete list of free museums in NYC.

Smithsonian Museum Day in NYC

Smithsonian Day is an annual event organized and made possible by the Smithsonian Magazine, the official magazine of the Smithsonian Institute in Washington, D.C.

Taking place across the country, this event brings together museums and cultural institutions by giving curious visitors a chance to enter for free with a Museum Day ticket.

This year, Smithsonian Museum Day in NYC takes place on Saturday, September 17th, 2022.

Getting Your Smithsonian Museum Day Ticket 

To enjoy free access to the participating museums of Smithsonian Museum Day, head to their official website and click ‘Get A Ticket.

With that ticket, you’ll fill in your contact information along with the museum you’d like to visit. If a museum does reach capacity, it may choose to limit further guests, so act fast.

Keep in mind that this ticket is good for one museum admission. What’s more, your email address can only be used for one ticket. Each ticket also includes a plus one, so you can bring a guest with you.

Curious if your child counts as that guest? Check the museum’s ticket policy. Children that would normally enter free will still be allowed free entry on Smithsonian Museum Day in NYC, so you can use your guest spot for someone else.

Finding Participating Museums in New York

Wondering which museums are participating in Smithsonian Museum Day? We’ve got a list for you below. To look for specific museums or to find museums nearby where you’ll be staying in New York, you can use the Smithsonian Museum Day search. 

  • With filters like “Nearby my location,” “Around Zip,” and “Type” (including Air & Space, Art, Children, General, History, Natural History, Science, Zoos & Gardens), you’re sure to find what you’re looking for.

Want to share the Smithsonian Museum Day with family and friends around the country? There are also filters for other states, too.

Participating Smithsonian Museum Day Sites in New York City

See below for a list of museums participating in the Smithsonian Museum Day in NYC. You’ll find museums in the Bronx, Manhattan, and Long Island, among others.

As a note to our friends taking their first trip to visit New York: Huntington and Huntington Station are a longer train ride from Manhattan, but they’re beautiful spots worth visiting if you have the time.

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