Why are other sports not less popular than American football in the USA today?

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American football and especially the Superbowl have incredible meaning to sports fans in the USA. However, other popular leagues and sports challenge the supreme reign as the most popular sport in America for NFL. 

A diverse media market and online streaming are leveling the ground for other sports that seem not less popular than football now. 

Many traditional North American sports like baseball and basketball are at the top of the popularity charts. Still, recreational sports like hiking, cycling, running, and going to the gym are widespread even among people who don’t follow sports leagues.

What does a sportsbook say?

A great indicator of sports popularity is within the data from popular sportsbooks. The sports that garner the most attention are usually the most popular. The most engaging events in betting include the NCAA basketball tournament, Superbowl, NBA, and MLB championship series. 

Aside from the three pillars of American sports, sports betting with Unibet sportsbook offers numerous other popular events like tennis matches and golf majors.

Popular sports in the USA

American football has a passionate fanbase; the other thing that contributes to its popularity is the short season. The NFL league has only 17 regular-season games, and each match has significant value to the team and the fans. Super Bowl is the most viewed sports event in the USA, with excellent ratings outside North America.

Baseball is a traditional American sport with tradition preceding many other competitions. Somewhat slow-paced team sport is competing with much more dynamic counterparts, but it is a sport deep in the fiber of the society. Baseball cards first come to mind when you think of sports card memorabilia. The biggest baseball stars are still huge celebrities, and MLB finals are incredibly popular.

Basketball is the second most popular sport behind soccer; the NBA league has the most expansive outreach outside the US. Many international stars like Luka Doncic or two-time MVP Nikola Jokic and Giannis Antetokounmpo play a crucial role in the league’s overall popularity. In addition, the NBA has huge ratings and has produced the most significant sports icons in recent decades, like Lebron James and Michael Jordan.

The USA is an incredibly diverse society with lots of new citizens from around the globe. With many international soccer fans coming to the USA and the continuous development of the MLS league, soccer became incredibly popular competing head to head with traditional American legacy leagues and sports. 

NHL is the hockey league popular in the USA and Canada. Fast-paced, dynamic sport has passionate followers. Golf is among the top American recreational activities, with countless courses across America. With or without Tiger Woods, golf is another incredibly popular sport to watch, especially in Major tournaments. 

Motorsports are also huge in the USA. NASCAR races are among the most-watched sports. Aside from NASCAR, the Indianapolis 500 is also immensely popular. Recently Formula 1 got its race in Miami, bringing the octane circus to the US. However, Formula 1 is still not as widely accepted as NASCAR. Other global moto sports brands gaining ground in the USA are World Cup in Rally and Moto GP races.

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