Why You Need the Swift for Your Next Vacation

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You know one thing that is consistently frustrating? Having to pack and manage the charging of electronics abroad. It seems simple on paper, but with the different chargers and the different outlets that countries have, it can add up to be a real headache. There is a solution though.

iBlockCube is coming out with the Swift Travel Adapter, and it is the answer to all of those issues. Not to get ahead of ourselves, but there are a lot of factors that make this the last adapter you’ll ever need, and we’re going to go through them in this review.

This is one of the biggest features for anyone who loves to travel abroad. The Swift works with 100V – 240V and has any configuration of prongs you could need. There’s no need to buy separate adaptors for different places just to be able to charge your devices. The Swift is universal.

It may be difficult to wrap your head around just how impressive 150 countries are. To give some scale, there are currently 195 countries worldwide. That means that Swift is guaranteed to work in over 80% of them. Most people probably aren’t even going to travel to that many countries, but iBlockCube has gone the extra mile to ensure that the Swift will be reliable wherever you find yourself.

Photo by Lukas Blazek on Unsplash

There is no reason to explain why this is impressive. Charging any device from 0% to 100% in 18 minutes or less is impressive enough, but there’s a lot more to this than just that. The Swift, while operating with that much efficiency, 92% to be exact, is 50% smaller than other adapters.

Power-wise, the Swift has 20 times the power of other chargers operating at a total output of 120W. If you’re worried about overcharging, then rest assured iBlockCube considered that too. The Swift comes with Smart IQ Adaptive Charge Control Technology. What that means in layman’s terms is that the Swift is able to adjust to your device’s charging needs. That keeps it safe letting the Swift charge it quickly with no danger to your gadget’s health.

The last thing we’re going to discuss is the adapter’s startling number of safety features. It was surprising enough how powerful this little box is, but it’s got a ton of safety features to boot too. First on the list are the device’s anti-heating features.

The adapter uses High Efficiency Gallium Nitride Technology which offers less resistance and generates less heat. This pairs with the device’s aerospace-grade ultra-durable thermal material to ensure minimal heating during use and maximum heat dissipation.

As an added bonus, the device comes with reliable and free UK tech support for any issues you encounter. Plus, it comes with two extra 10A fuses as a cherry on top.

From performance, convenience, and safety, the Swift really delivers at all fronts. It is a fantastic device all around and it’s clear just how much thought and care has been put into it, so before you go off on your next vacation, be sure to pick up a Swift Travel Adapter today!

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