12 Ways To Create The Perfect Day At The Beach (While Staying Safe)

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In 2019, 45% of Americans chose beach vacations over other types.  

Although we’re amidst a pandemic, you don’t have to forgo your time by the sea. There are many ways to be safe while enjoying a day at the beach. 

If you’re looking for ways to have fun and be safe, you’ve come to the right place. Here are 12 ways to enjoy your beach day.

1. Get There Early 

Not sure how to enjoy a beach vacation? Get to the beach early so you can grab a spot before it gets busier. Bring essentials like a beach umbrella or a pop-up tent where you can relax in the midday heat. 

You must also bring sunscreen lotion for you and your little ones. If you have an infant under 6-months of age, keep them away from the sun. Always remember to re-apply sunscreen after 80-minutes of swimming or sweating.  

And don’t forget hats, sunglasses, and swim shirts to keep you cool.

2. Build a Sandcastle

Ocean beach getaways aren’t complete without building a sandcastle. All you need is sand, water, and cups to carry water so you can shape your creation, then dig a moat around your castle so it’s safe from rising tides. 

Get creative and write messages or poems in the sand. Before you leave, take photos and turn them into unique postcards to send to friends.

3. Bring a Picnic

After a morning packed with beach vacation activities, it’s time to refuel. Lay down a blanket and feast on sandwiches, fried chicken, salad, and fresh fruit. Once served, don’t leave food out for an extended length of time or it’ll spoil.

Bring a well-insulated cooler so your produce stays fresh and have plenty of water so everyone stays hydrated.

4. Collect Seashells

One of the best beach activities is collecting shells. It’s a fantastic way to save a memento especially as no two beaches are the same.

Remember to bring a container and only collect “dead” shells, ones where there’s no animal inside. And don’t forget to clean them once you get home.  

If there are nearby rockpools, see how many critters you can find. Make a goal to snap photos of each one so you can archive your findings.

5. Read a Book

Because our lives are hectic, it’s difficult to carve time to catch up on our favorite books. So when you’re at the beach, dive into your favorite novel, or chill out with some music. 

If your eyes are sensitive to sunlight, listen to an audiobook, or read the book on your phone. Make sure you have a portable charger packed and fully charged so you can enjoy your favorite content at the beach.

6. Cast a Line

Before casting a line, make sure the beach allows fishing. If you’re a beginner, take a fishing tour and they’ll show you the popular fishing spots. 

Or have a relaxing afternoon casting off the rocks and chatting with a friend.

7. Play Paddle Ball

Tennis enthusiasts can practice their game of paddle ball.

Grab a set from a beachfront shop and have an intense game with the little ones. Make rules to make the game more interesting like whoever hits the ball into the water has to do a dare. 

Or create a game of sand darts. Draw a dartboard in the sand and use shells as dart pins. Whoever hits the bullseye first wins. 

You can also play a round of beach ball towel toss. In this game, two players hold a beach towel at both ends and keep the beach ball in the middle. 

Using the towel, players toss the ball into the air for the other player to catch. Be mindful of the breeze as it can intensify the game.

8. Swim 

Take a dip in the ocean to cool off. Those with little ones should be mindful of the waves especially if they’re not confident swimmers. 

Not a fan of swimming? Bring spray bottles of water or mini fans so you can cool off.

But it would be a shame if you don’t at least dip your toes into the crystal clear blue waters of the ocean. After all, the beach offers you the perfect mix of sun, sand, and swimwear. 

Show off that rocking body of yours wearing SwimSpot’s tankini swimsuits and turn your Baywatch dreams into reality. It’s warm and sticky where you’re going, so make sure you have the right fit. 

Before you dive right into the waters, make sure that you’re protected by wearing sunscreen. It wouldn’t be a perfect day at the beach if, in the end, you get sunburned. That’s no fun!

9. Walk Along the Surf

There’s nothing more relaxing than walking along the surf. Not only do you exercise your feet and legs but the sound of the waves hitting the sand clears your mind.

If it’s not too hot, go for a jog up and down the beach but bring plenty of water.

10. Wakeboard

If you’re a fan of active beach vacations, try wakeboarding. It’s described as a blend of surfing, snowboarding, and skateboarding, making it an exhilarating experience.

And add wiring wakeboard tower speakers so you and your friends have a blast gliding over the water.

11. Catch a Sunset

Don’t end your day at the beach without catching the sunset. It’s a fantastic way to wind down especially if you choose an excellent vantage point. 

Luckily, it’s possible to socially distance so you and your loved ones are safe.

12. Go Hiking

Many beaches offer nearby trails where you can hike whether it’s to or away from the water. And when you reach the top, you catch stunning ocean views while immersing yourself in nature. 

Plus, when you’re finished you can cool off in the water.

That’s How to Have a Great Day at the Beach

Those are our tips on how to have a perfect day at the beach. Remember to bring essentials like sunscreen, sunglasses, and a pop-up tent to keep you cool. Pack a delicious picnic, your favorite book, and take a dip in the ocean when you want to cool off.

And don’t forget to try wakeboarding for an exciting afternoon. Have fun!

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