Five hotels with the dream experience; an indoor pool.

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Vacations are meant to be a mix of convenience and adventure, and how best destination centers can find a bend between these two determines how memorable the tourists’ stays are. A happy tourist is more likely to recommend the tourist attraction to friends and family, and yes, you would likely see them come back again and again. One of the amazing peaks tourists look out for during hotel booking is if the rooms have pools inside them. It sounds unnecessary until you experience it yourself.

The thrill of stepping out of your bed and into a pool cannot be quantified in words. The relaxation the cool pool gives the muscles, the serenity that allows for a clear head, and the memories that will keep on lingering days, weeks, and months later; all these make the event worth every cent paid. With global warming changing the number of hours a day and night lasts, it would be an interesting perk to be able to step out of your bed and into a cool body of water just a few steps away. 

A research conducted shortly after travels were allowed following the Covid pandemic showed something interesting. A little over half the travelers quizzed said they would be more receptive to an accommodation with intriguing wellness facilities now than before the covid pandemic started, and because of social distancing and safety protocols, they all agreed that the pools should be a private one. 

We at have taken it upon ourselves to make everyone experience the world from their phones. So we have taken an explicit look at over 150,000 destinations and 28 million listings to see five major destination centers around the world where tourists can visit and stay to enjoy a memorable night. There are various criteria used before coming up with these five listings, but the major ones include comfort, safety, amazing reviews, and because of the focus of this article, the centers have private pools in their rooms. Let’s dive in.  

Lecce, Italy- The Pollistro Hotel

If you feel you have worked hard enough and you deserve royalty-like treatment, the Pollicastro Boutique Hotel is one place you should consider. Located in one of the cities in the region known as the Heel of Italy, renowned for its impeccable food, serene atmosphere, and tasteful architecture, the Pollicastro Boutique embodies these three things. The rooms have an underground swimming pool, and the architecture makes it resemble a cave pool. 

Before you go into the pool, you can have some warm time at the fireplace built just above the stairs leading to the pool, and the whole arrangement makes it soothing for both first-time visitors and recurrent visitors. The Pollicastro Boutique Hotel is a stone’s throw from the Sant’ oronzo square, and this place is known for having buildings made from locally-sourced limestones.   

Mykonos, Greece – Grecotel Hotel

If you are looking for a fun way to increase your energy level and get off stress, look no further than the Mykonos Blue Resort in Greece. This resort center overlooks the Aegean Sea, and a morning swim is something to look out for. After this, you can get into the hotel to enjoy a refreshing cup of coffee before you eat a meal. 

One thing that makes this hotel stand out is an exquisite door that demarcates the bedroom from the pool. If that’s any hotel that took the safety-first mantra seriously, it is definitely the beautiful suite at Mykonos Blu. The serenity in the environment is better experienced than heard, and the architecture coupled with the tranquility of the island makes it a place to visit always once in a lifetime.    

Newnes, Australia – Wolgan Valley Hotel

Australia is one amazing place for international visits. Friendly locals, more job prospects, amazing wildlife, and a booming economy are a few of the many things that makes this a good place to unwind. The Wolgan Valley is one of the amazing places you can stay in Australia. Located in a mountainous region with about 7000-acres of wildlife area, the Wolgan valley is environmentally friendly and, perhaps, one of the most environmentally-saving hotels in the world.

It is an embodiment of luxury, and yes, it has a private swimming pool and observes the sustainable development goals to keep the environment. The private pools are about 7meters long, and after having a cool swim, you can engage in other activities in the environment like mountain biking, long walks, and recreational activities with horses. 

Cappadocia, Turkey- The Argos Hotel  

The Argos, which is a classy hotel with graceful rooms and antique finishing, is a microcosm of Turkish architecture. Quite a number of the suites have indoor pools that are privately used, and if you seek a place to have some romance with your partner, this is one place you will have the full perks of ease and romance without leaving your room. Let’s give you a heads up before you go there. There is an underground tunnel that shows a stunning picture of the valley offsetting the property. You might want to check that out before exiting the hotel. 

Port Dickson, Malaysia – Grand Lexis Hotel

The last hotel worth looking into is the grand Lexis hotel. This hotel’s pools symbolize freedom, and very few things beat being free without fear of a stalker or someone stealing a look at you while you are trying to enjoy your brief time in the pool. The Grand Lexis has private pools which are surrounded by magnificent landscapes. 

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