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 Leopoldstadt is set in Vienna and takes its name from the city’s Jewish quarter. The story follows the wealthy Merz family, who is of Jewish descent and has done a phenomenal job assimilating into the fin-de-siecle Viennese community. However, is this enough to save them from the anti-Semitic tragedies of the early 20th Century? 

Stoppard is regarded as a highly cerebral playwright, and for the first time, he’s dug into his own heritage to bring you this passionate story of love and endurance. The story begins in 1899 and tells the story of an extended family as it progresses into the next century. Full of Stoppard’s customary beauty and wit, Leopoldstadt spans fifty years within just two hours. 

With almost 20 plays under his belt, Tom Stoppard never seems to disappoint on Broadway! He’s set to return this season with a new Olivier Award-winning musical called Leopoldstadt. This humane and heart-breaking story takes cues from Stoppard’s own family history and presents itself as a work of art that is both intimate and epic. Though the story is very personal, it ties nicely into anyone’s life.

When can you see Leopoldstadt on Broadway?

Leopoldstadt began premiers on September 14, 2022, at the Longacre Theatre and is set to open to the general public on October 2, 2022. The show will run through the season, and tickets are available now.

This play has a runtime of two hours and does not include an intermission. It’s recommended for anyone age 10 and up, with children under the age of 4 not being permitted.

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Leopoldstadt on Broadway: Best Seats

The Longacre Theatre seats up to 1,077 people spread across three levels. The majority of the seats are located in the Orchestra section, which is split into Right, Left, and Center. If you’re looking for the best views, opt for the middle of this section, just a few rows back from the front.

The theatre features a Center Mezzanine that’s perfect for those wanting a more elevated view. Anyone looking for the most affordable seats should choose the Balcony, but just beware that there are obstructions caused by safety bars, thin pillars, and simply being far.

The most expensive seats in Longacre theatre are considered Premium seats, which are found in the Center of the Mezzanine from rows D-L. The views are clear, detailed, and intimate, making it an excellent choice for admiring subtle acting cues. We should mention that in this section, rows A and B are also highly sought-after, which is evident in the price of these tickets.


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Cast of Leopoldstadt

Leopoldstadt is directed by Partick Marber and includes a cast of 38 actors, some of whom are making their Broadway debut. In the show, you’ll find Broadway alumni such as Caissie Levy, Brandon Uranowitz, Betsy Aidem, Anthony Rosenthal, Gina Ferrall, Corey Brill, David Krumholtz, Dylan Wallach, Tedra Millan, Sarah Killough, Jacqueline Jarrold, and Seth Numrich.

However, the show also marks the Broadway debuts of Arty Froushan, Jesse Aaronson, Daniel Cantor, Jenna Augen, and many more. Leopoldstadt’s creative team includes Brigitte Reiffenstuel with costume design, Richard Hudson doing scenic design, Neil Austin in charge of lighting, and Adam Cork overseeing sound and the creation of original music.

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