Make Sure Your Journey Across The U.S. Is As Safe And Enjoyable As Possible: Safety Tips For Your Road Trip

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Route 66, the Pacific Coast Highway, the Historic Columbia River Highway, Going-to-the-Sun Road in Montana…there are so many incredible roads across the USA that are begging to be explored. And with 2021 being touted as a big year for US road trips, you can bet the trend is here to stay as more and more people catch on to just how beneficial this form of travel can be.

But before you set off you need to make sure that when you hit the road, you’ll stay safe and sound along the way. If you’re keen to explore America on 4 wheels (or 2!) check out these all-important safety tips.

Get Your Car Thoroughly Checked First

According to Shell, regular checks save lives. Before driving off into the sunset it’s vital that you get your car inspected by an experienced mechanic or valet. You want to get the tread on the tires checked, the brakes, the lights, windscreen wipers, oil, radiator, and anything else that can get damaged from general wear and tear given a once-over. If you have a spare wheel, get that checked too. It’s also important to get a puncture repair kit or ensure the one you have is still in perfect condition.

Once you’ve checked the essentials, take a moment to inspect the convenience and comfort areas in your car. You want the heater to be working properly in winter and the air conditioning in summer. Things like these can make driving a lot more comfortable, meaning you’ll be less distracted behind the wheel.

Know Where The Roads Are Most Dangerous

Road accidents can happen anywhere and at any time. However, there are some places where they are more likely to happen, and the stats show this. For example, the Interstate 10 (I-10) in Texas ranks as one of the most dangerous roads in the entire country and has done so for several years.

The I-10 runs through Houston, El Paso and San Antonio in Texas and can get very crowded. In fact, personal injury lawyers at warn drivers to slow down and take it easy on the I-10 and other roads around the state. If possible, avoid these roads when planning your road trip or try to travel them at off-peak hours.

Go Old School with Printed Paperwork

There is a strong dependence on technology and the internet, with many youngsters not knowing how to even read an old map book. Before heading out on a road trip, it’s important to print out your itinerary, your accommodation options, and their contact details, as well as any emergency contact details for the places you’re visiting. You never know when you might lose mobile phone reception or be unable to recharge your phone. It’s also good to have a paper map that folds up or is in a book. You’ll never lose signal on one of those.

Staying safe on a road trip is relatively simple. The number one tip is to always be prepared!

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