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The Chinese New year is not January 1. This year’s celebration came on February 1, and it marked the end of the year of the Ox. 2022, on the Chinese calendar, is the start of the year of the tiger, and it depicts bravery, confidence, and thrill.

At, we have decided to educate on the different zodiac signs and explain destination places for each of these zodiac signs. It would be an exciting one, and we cannot but get in right away. 

Tiger symbol: latest year – 2022

Travel location: Dubai – UAE

 People born under the tiger zodiac are known for their bravery, confidence, and never-ending desire for thrill. This makes Dubai the destination spot for a visit. There are different activities that can be enjoyed here, from skydiving to walking the endless desert amongst others and each of them gives an exhilarating experience. 

On hotel booking, the Jumeirah Emirates Towers offer the perfect blend of luxury and finesse. Located close to the Jumeirah Emirates Towers is the Talise Spa and The Dubai Mall. 

Rat symbol: latest year – 2020

Travel location: Madrid – Spain

 Those in the Rat zodiac are known for their innovative and social tendencies, and what better place to enjoy than Madrid. Since rats are more active at night, Madrid’s nightlife makes it a perfect fit for those under the zodiac sign. Nightclubs, cocktail bars, amongst others, make for an enthralling entertainment experience. 

On where to stay, the Vincci The Mint Hotel is a good choice. 

Located just adjacent to many fascinating buildings in the city, the hotel itself is a good place for sightseeing. One thing that amuses visitors is the unique check-in method on entering the hotel. 

Ox symbol: latest year – 2021

Travel location: Ella – Sri Lanka

 You could call the ox a d-rated animal and not be wrong. Some of the traits known with the ox are diligence, dependability, and determination. People who fall under the Chinese zodiac of a horse will enjoy hiking a notch higher, and Ella in Sri Lanka is an amazing destination for hiking. Most travelers on and recommend the city for its hiking. 

If you are concerned about where to stay, look no further. The EKHO Ella is an amazing place with panoramic views of the environment. Travelers can also take a ride to the national park and waterfalls to further appreciate nature. 

Rabbit symbol: latest year -2011

Travel location: Florence – Italy

The city of Florence has a rich history of Romance and arts, something the rabbit zodiac sign symbolizes. This makes it one of the best travel destinations for people born under these years. There are clear signs of architectural history in the city, and though you might not see Da Vinci there, the environment oozes art appeal. Perhaps therefore it is revered by most of our travelers.

For where to stay, the Arte Boutique Hotel is a brilliant choice. It still maintains some of the architectural prowess it had when it was first built in the 17th century, and it is close to historical spots like the Florence cathedral.

Dragon symbol: latest year – 2012

Travel location: Manuel – Costa Rica

If you are up for an adventure, the Manuel in Costa Rica is a good destination place for you. Since the zodiac symbol attributes fearlessness and endless energy to the dragon, the Dragon zodiac and Manuel in Costa Rica seem like a match made in heaven. There are a lot of wildlife adventures and games available in Manuel, and it would be fun to search them out. 

Apart from the wildlife exposure, the Makanda by the Sea hotel in Manuel is the most equipped hotel in the area with wellness facilities. A swimming pool, beach, and spa are just a stone’s throw from the building. 

Snake symbol: latest year – 2013

Travel location: Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Rio has a wide expanse of golden sand, and if you are looking for beach breaks in the world, this Brazilian city will fulfill your introverted fantasies. The snake zodiac is known for its subtlety, quietness, and relaxation, and Rio de Janeiro offers just that. 

Looking for where to stay in this city is the least of travelers’ worries, but you can opt to stay in the Chez Georges because of its location. its rooms are affordable, and you can get to any of Rio’s landmark centers from this hotel 

Horse symbol: latest year – 2014

Travel location: Los Angeles, USA

The horse signifies independence, and what better place to be independent than in Los Angeles. This place is known for vitality and wealth, but don’t be deceived; it has rich landmarks. 

Santa Monica is one of the city’s luxury hotels. Rooms suitable for yoga, a restaurant, and rooftop pools are some of the wellness facilities you get to enjoy in the city. 

Goat/Sheep symbol: latest year – 2015

Travel location: Kilpisjärvi, Finland 

The zodiac sign for the goat symbolizes imaginativeness and creativity. Kilpisjarvi is a great camping destination, and it is home to one of Finland’s oldest nature reserves. Very rare species of both plants and animals can be seen here. 

The Arctic Adventure Glass Igloos is a luxurious location where you can stay and enjoy the winter light, mountain views, and snow-enabling games.  

Monkey symbol: latest year – 2016

Travel location: London, UK

Monkeys thrive in abundance and skillfulness. No wonder the tourist center best fitting for them is London, UK. London is a conglomeration of different world cultures, and there are so many things to do in that beautiful city. New food, games, pop-ups, and snacks are some of the things to be enjoyed here. 

The Great Scotland Yard Hotel is an amazing place to stay in London. Like the rest of the city, it oozes out resourcefulness and responsiveness. There is indeed too much to be learned in London.

Rooster symbol: latest year – 2017

Travel location: Chiang Mai, Thailand 

Those who live in the countryside can attest to the fact that roosters are the most punctual and consistent animals there are. They help keep to time while enjoying each day as it comes. The Chinese zodiac for roosters will enjoy Chiang Mai in Thailand. There is so much the travelers can do, from cooking to learning Thai boxing; the environment is also calm and oozes beauty. 

Talking about beauty, the Anantara Chiang Mai resort offers minimalistic yet ideally sustainable accommodation.  

Dog symbol: latest year – 2018

Travel location: Dublin – Ireland

If you fall under the Dog Zodiac sign, Dublin is the best place to visit. There is no close second, and the welcoming indigenes make Dublin the choicest place for friendly, honest, and affectionate people. You can also listen to live music performances at the local pubs. Or perhaps take a dance lesson. 

The Number 31 is a friendly guesthouse for travelers. With a Jazz-inspired interior, it has some subtle touch of luxury and is the best place Chinese with the dog symbolism can stay. 

Pig symbol: latest year – 2019

Where to go: Orlando – USA

The pig symbol represents happy-go-lucky and carefree personality under the Chinese symbolism. This makes it fit well with Orlando. Renowned for its amazing parks and shopping malls, Orlando has been validated by several travelers and hotel booking platforms as an amazing place to get long-lasting memories. 

The popular hotel; Four Seasons, located at the center of Orlando, is a strategic location for travelers to have a taste of all the fun Orlando offers. It has a theme park where you can visit, a 26-acre wide lake, a golf course, and a spa, where all your worries melt under the massage your body gets.

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