What The Galapagos Islands Have to Offer Those Cruising

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When we think of the Galapagos Islands we think of giant tortoises and Charles Darwin, but there is more to them than that. Although, the tortoises themselves are a great tourist attraction and reason enough to go. So, let us think about all that there is at the Galapagos Islands that will put them on the map for anyone looking to go on a cruise there.

So, think about that Galapagos Cruise by Voyagers and enjoy reading all that you could look forward to. Although, we can only touch on it in this article.

Santa Cruz (Rancho Primicias Galapagos Tortoise Ranch)

We cannot begin an article on the Galapagos Islands without talking about the tortoises, so we shall begin with them. Then slowly make our way to what else there is to see at Galapagos.

At Rancho Primicias Galapagos Tortoise Ranch, you can get up close with this magnificent reptile. You do not have to worry about doing this because they are the world’s most gentle giants. They are very much the reason why tourists come to these islands year on year. The fascination never goes away. The next time we see them is just as thrilling as the first time. 

The giant tortoises are located on Santa Cruz Island to give you some bearings. Not that you have to worry about those when you are on a cruise ship because all this is taken care of by your Captain. They are slow-moving, so you cannot miss them. Giant tortoises are awesome creatures and can be seen making their way across this privately-owned sanctuary. It is amazing to think how long they live. In the wild, giant tortoises have lifespans of over 100 years. One called Harriet lived for 175 years.

San Cristóbal (La Lobería)

It is hard not to find the other creatures that populate the Galapagos Islands equally appealing. There is nothing to beat seeing creatures in their natural environment. So, we shall talk about somewhere that there is a lively population of sea lions to admire. They can be found along an isolated stretch of beach which is near the town of Puerto Baquerizo Moreno. This is on San Cristobal Island. It is only a 30-minute walk from the town, or if your cruise ship wants you back sooner, a quicker trip inside a hired taxi. 

At this idyllic location, you can snorkel and swim to take in the sights of the beautiful waters here. Alternatively, you can sit back and enjoy them whilst capturing them on your camera to show everyone back at home. Apart from photographing the water and the sea lions, other wildlife also resides here. The most likely ones that you will see will be wild iguanas, lava lizards, warblers, and frigates.

Santa Cruz (Tortuga Bay)

Attracting us back to Santa Cruz is its isolated white sandy beach. This is not to mention its restaurants and shops to explore. It is an all-around experience that you will get at the Galapagos Islands, and we wish there was space and time to describe more of it to you.

Tortuga Bay is popular for its marine life, including local turtles. So, you have to love wildlife if you come to the Galapagos Islands. There is no escaping them. But then, why would you want to? They form part of the landscape of the Galapagos Islands. For those more adventurous, however, you can also snorkel or kayak around the bay here. 

This location, although we placed it third, is one of the first attractions many visiting the Galapagos Islands will see and experience. That is why it makes our shortlist.

So, much to explore at the Galapagos Islands in terms of its wildlife, beautiful scenery, and watersports that you can take part in. There are also, of course, relaxing beaches, restaurants, and shopping facilities for a complete holiday experience. This is the kind of cruise that everyone will be jealous that just you have been on. That is unless you decide to take your whole family with you. Either way, it is the holiday of a lifetime.

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