5 Romantic European Destinations for Travelling Couples

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Are you looking for a place to celebrate your love for each other? Or perhaps you are a new couple and are thinking about embarking on your first trip together? Maybe you have been together for a while and want to spice things up a little bit. Whatever your reasons are, Europe is home to numerous romantic spots that are sure to keep the love alive!

Here are some of the most romantic European destinations for travelling couples.

  1. The Dordogne

Studded with dreamy chateaux and picturesque bastides, The Dordogne has long been a favourite destination for French couples on a romantic getaway. It’s also home to France’s finest prehistoric cave art, filling up the rock shelters and caverns of the Vezere Valley.

Spend your days exploring its bucolic landscape of vineyards, rivers, forests, and picturesque villages. Head to a majestic hilltop château that overlooks the scenic Dordogne River and the prehistoric sites of the Vezere Valley. Check out the immense Château de Castelnau and the equally majestic Château de Beynac.

  1. Istria 

Home to glittering islands, picturesque bays, and beautiful ancient towns, the Croatian region of Istria presents plenty of romance for couples to cosy up. To make the most of your romantic break, stay at one of the charming villas in Istria, which are only within walking distance to the pretty coastal towns. When evening comes, take a walk by the sea, find a perfect spot by the coast, and witness the most beautiful sunsets!

  1. Catalonia

You will find plenty of interesting cultural landmarks in Catalonia that you won’t even know where to start exploring. From the unique buildings of Barcelona to the outstanding archaeological sites at Tarraco and the magnificent La Sagrada Familia, Catalonia is a feast for the senses that will delight couples new and old alike.

If you would rather want to spend your holiday by the beach, then check out the beaches of Costa Barcelona, Costa Dorada, and Costa Brava, home to internationally renowned resorts with first-class amenities. And if you love to explore nature, go on a hiking excursion to the Catalan Pyrenees or the Aigüestortes I Estany of Saint Maurici National Park.

  1. The Greek Islands

The Greek Islands exude romance, so it does not come as a surprise why it’s one of the most popular wedding and honeymoon destinations in the world. With its spectacular cliffs, beautiful beaches, and whitewashed villages that open to the stunning views of the Aegean Seas, visiting the Greek Islands on vacation is sure to keep the romance alive! Here, you can stroll through the charming villages, discover ancient sites, watch romantic sunsets, or cosy up at the beach.

  1. The Amalfi Coast

Famous for its sparkling blue seas, amazing cliff tops, and a rugged shoreline dotted with beautiful beaches and pastel-coloured fishing villages, the Amalfi Coast offers a perfect backdrop for couples on a romantic break. 

One of the most romantic things to do on the Amalfi Coast is simply finding a spot by the beach where you can soak it all in. Consider visiting in the spring or fall when there are not too many crowds of tourists, allowing you and your partner to soak up each other’s company and celebrate the love with no distractions.

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